Paul Saunders

I am a photographer based in Peterborough, specifically interested in capturing unusual and unique moments, shots which highlight unexpected phenomena, and more recently Art Photography. Currently I have work displayed online with Art in the Heart  Market Place and Rippigham Art, Some of my work is displayed in Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough Museum and The Gallery,Stamford. Previously at the Maccaloo Gastro Restaurant in Eye. I exhibited in The Peterborough Open and PAOS Exhibitions in Peterborough Museum in 2016 and PAOS in 2017. I was also privileged to be asked, by Charron Pugsley-Hill, a Peterborough artist to do the stills photography for the Edith Cavell blanket of poppies and the Lonely Anzac blanket. Photo restoration is a speciality of mine with dozens of restorations completed to date. My aim in photography has always been to produce an image that creates for me deep satisfaction and that I feel is great to display for others.

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