Silvija Drebickaite

Silvija Drebickaitė was born in 1957, Siauliai, Lithuania. She graduated fresco-mosaic studies in National Art Institute of Lithuania. She is a member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 1983. For more than 10 years after her graduation she was creating frescos for governmental buildings. At the same time she was elaborating her painting path, Silvija created etudes and paintings of landscapes, abstracts, still life. In 1989 she exhibited in Poland, 1990 in Sweden. Today artist is known for her portraits, landscapes, and still life. She is brilliant in working with colours. She creates very emotional, poetic landscapes. Presents beautiful, breathing and mysterious abstracts. Silvija can create glowing cities and flowers.  With her graceful manner she reminds us of the marvellous details of life.

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