Stuart Dalby

I always wanted to be a painter and trained in the arts by means of a unique industrial apprenticeship as a carpet designer. Training covered three years of attending art college several days and evenings a week and being guided in the studio by a mentor/senior designer. My training covered all aspects of fine art, drawing, painting and design to lead to a finished diploma. I remained in the carpet industry for twenty years and became a chief designer before joining Birmingham Museum as a project manager responsible for design and display. During my years in the carpet industry and in the museum world I continued to paint and work as a photographer for magazines in my spare time. Now that I am retired I devote most of my time to painting. I have exhibited over the years at: The Harris Brushworks, The Birmingham Open, and three times aty The Malvern Theatres. I am very happy to carry out commisions through the auspices of Rippingham Art.

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