Tiffany Scull

As a small girl I loved to draw and was encouraged to develop this talent.Growing up in central London had a massive impact on my life and I used my imagination, to draw the animals, plants and other worlds the grey city could not offer but I longed to see. Discovering the creative possibilities of clay sparked emotions of excitement which I still feel today.Every creation has a magical quality combining thrown forms with my unique drawings, vibrant use of colour and Sgraffito decoration. I see each piece as if it were a window into a secret world inhabited by beautiful and colourful creatures. My designs and decoration are ever changing and I own numerous sketch books full of drawings still waiting to come to life. Using the technique of sgraffito allows me to work from paper to pot before submitting work to the magic of the kiln. The intricate decoration which covers each form is meticulously cut away freehand, this is built up over time, taking many days and hours until finally complete. This unique word translated from Italian means ‘to scratch away’ and has been used by many ancient cultures to decorate buildings, paintings and pottery. Artisans and craftsmen through time have used and explored the possibilities of this beautiful process and by embracing this technique I feel I am producing some truly unique pieces of decorative work. My inspiration comes from the natural world as well as The Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau. Other influences have been artists such as Gustav Kilmt and Alberto Giacometti, as well as the works of such potters as Elizabeth Fritsch and Mary Wondrausch. For me, art and clay work are the two halves of myself, with one not being able to exist without the other. Visit our Blog page to view a short film by Tiffany, showing the use of Sgraffito in her work

Exploring and celebrating her fascination with the natural world through ceramic forms and intricate sgraffito drawings.

Tiffany’s creative process for every piece begins with a series of detailed drawings.

Using a white stoneware she throws her individual and elegant forms.

Once partially dry they are gently coaxed and manipulated introducing an organic feel.

Selected clay slips are applied and blended setting the background hue for each design.

Using Sgraffito she draws onto the clay surface cutting away by hand the top layer of slip revealing the white body underneath. Contrasting colours are added and details drawn onto the decoration completing each intricate design.

Pieces are selectively glazed after the bisque emphasising the main themes then fired in an electric kiln to 1180°c.

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