Yvonne Watson

Yvonne was born 1961 in Doncaster.

After working for 6 years she realised her ambition of going to Art College where she studied for an HND…

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Zhana Viel

Zhana Viel is a self-taught artist working and living in London, UK. Born December13, 1981. Her paintings are first and foremost an expression of what…

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Zizi Lagadec

Art Concept: For a long time, I didn’t have a ‘concept’ I simply experimented constantly, but in May 2015, I suddenly discovered I could see…

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Zoe Norman dipSBA(dist)

I am a botanical and nature artist. My beautiful garden inspires many of my paintings which feature flowers, insects and butterflies. Vintage china, crystal and…

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Zsuzsanna Pataki

Zsuzsanna studied painting, graphic design, photography, folk art and art history in a grammar school in Hungary specialized in art. She also studied fashion design…

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Łukasz Łepik

  Łukasz Łepik born in 1987 in Silesia is presenting a new trend in painting to the Young European Art. In its overcoloured, acryl form it…

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