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7 Famous Paintings That Are Larger Than You Think

Go big or go home.

Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve been taking a look at some of the most famous large-scale paintings, from Botticelli to Pollock.

Sandro Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’

Painted between 1482 and 1485 this is a monumental painting, measuring 5’ 8 x 9’ 2. The mythological painting depicts the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, Venus, emerging from the sea after her birth, in a scallop shell. The painting has vibrant colours and very delicate brushwork. There is a heavy use of gold in the painting for highlights on hair, wings, textiles and the shell itself. It is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Eugene Delacroix ‘Liberty Leading the People’

liberty leading the people painting

Painted in 1830 this painting was inspired by the second French Revolution. It makes a powerful statement, and was painted to commemorate the toppling of King Charles X of France. Liberty is holding the flag of the French Revolution, the tricolour which became France’s National flag after these events. Another monumental painting measuring 102 x 128 inches.

Rembrandt ‘The Nightwatch’

Rembrandt was one of the most important Old Masters, and The Nightwatch is thought to be his most important work of art. Measuring 12 x 14 ft it showcases Rembrandt’s theatrical treatment of light and shadow. Completed in 1642 it depicts the Militia Company of District II and is one of the most famous of the Dutch Golden Age paintings. It can be seen in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

‘The Water Lilies series’ by Monet

Claude Monet painted this series between 1915 – 26, inspired by his surroundings at Giverny where he lived from 1883 until his death 43 years later. Monet painted around 250 water lily paintings, the largest pieces are housed in Musee de L’Orangerie in Paris. They fill the 2 consecutive oval rooms in the gallery, and if placed side by side, the paintings would measure nearly 300ft. Monet wanted the viewer to be able to immerse themselves completely in the paintings.

‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt

Austrian Symbolist painter Klimt completed The Kiss in 1908. A glimmering painting with an abundance of gold leaf, painted during Klimt’s Golden Period. It measures 6’ x 6’ and depicts an ethereal embrace, the couple’s bodies entwined in beautiful decorative robes in the Art Nouveau style. It has become an iconic image, and the most recognizable of Klimt’s paintings. It hangs in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. It is not the largest of Klimt’s paintings, (his Beethoven Frieze being almost 112 feet high), but it is perhaps his most beautiful and romantic piece.

‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat

Painted in the 1880’s in the style of Pointillism, millions of hand painted dots make up this painting by Seurat. It is his most famous work, and depicts Parisians relaxing at a park on the banks of the River Seine on a Sunday afternoon. Seurat sat in the park and made numerous sketches of the figures to perfect their form. It was exhibited in the last Impressionism exhibition in May 1886. The painting measures 7 x 10 ft and is in the Art Institute of Chicago.

‘No.1 (1950)’ by Jackson Pollock

Also entitled ‘Lavender Mist’ this Pollock painting measures 7’ 3 x 9’ 10 inches. It was created using his signature action painting technique. He would pour, spray and splatter house paint onto a canvas on the floor. He said that he felt closer to the painting using this technique, as he was able to walk around it. When his ‘drip’ paintings were first exhibited in 1948 in New York, they met with much scepticism. Only one year later in a ‘Life’ magazine article, there was a caption under a photograph of Pollock saying ‘Is he the greatest living painter in the United States’.

Lavender Mist is signed in the top corners with Pollock’s handprints.

View some of our larger paintings.

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Six Famous Paintings with Hidden Symbols and Meanings

Artists have been adding secret messages and symbols into their paintings for centuries. Whether to guide the viewer to a new depth within the painting or to remind them of an important aspect of their own lives, these symbols are there to be interpreted, if you know where to look…


The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger

The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein the Younger. National Gallery, London.

Created in 1533, the same year that Elizabeth 1st was born, this is a double portrait and a still life painting with hidden meaning. The most notable and famous hidden symbol in the painting is the distorted skull in the bottom centre of the painting. The skull is painted in anamorphic perspective, an invention of the Early Renaissance. The skull is intended as a Memento Mori – a reflection on mortality.

Art historians have suggested that this painting represents 3 levels. The heavens as represented by objects on the upper shelf, the living world represented by books and a musical instrument on the lower shelf, and death represented by the skull. It was thought that the painting may have been meant to hang in a stairwell, making the skull more obvious to passers by. Skulls were often incorporated into paintings as a reminder of one’s mortality, and there is a second skull in the painting, on the hat of Jean de Dinteville (the figure on the left). The figure on the right is thought to be the Bishop of Lavaur.

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck. The National Gallery

In the painting ‘The Arnolfini Portrait’ by Jan Van Eyck ( National Gallery ), there are many hidden symbols and meanings. There is an elaborate signature written in Latin on the wall above the mirror. It reads Johannes de Eyck fuit hic 1434 – Jan Van Eyck was here 1434. In the mirror itself, if you look very closely, you can see 2 tiny figures, one of which is presumed to be Van Eyck himself, and he appears to have a hand raised, as if greeting the viewer. The single candle in the left front holder of the chandelier is probably the candle used in traditional Flemish marriage customs. As it is lit in full daylight, this may be a hidden symbol, alluding to the presence of the Holy Ghost. The cherries on the tree outside the window may symbolize love, and the oranges on the windowsill could be a sign of the couple’s wealth, as oranges were very expensive imports.

Many viewers assume the wife to be pregnant, but this was not believed to be the case, as Giovanna Cenami, the woman in the painting, died childless. It was thought that this dress was a fashionable look at the time, and that as Arnolfini was a cloth merchant, fashion would have been important to him. Also, the more cloth a person wore, the more wealthy the person was assumed to be.

This painting is considered to be one of the most beautiful and complex paintings in Western Art, filled with complex iconography. It was purchased by The National Gallery in London in 1842.


The Music Lesson by Vermeer

The Music Lesson by Vermeer 1664. The Royal Collection

Vermeer’s paintings may appear serene, but are full of  hidden messages of passion. In this painting, which looks like a typical middle class scene in Delft, a young female pupil is at a virginal, a musical instrument associated with purity. She appears to be receiving a music lesson from the man standing to her right, and she seems to be absorbed in her playing. The man’s mouth is slightly open, and he is maybe singing along with the music she is playing. If however you look at the mirror above the virginal you can see that she appears to be looking at her tutor, and distracted by his presence.

The large stringed instrument on the floor can be interpreted as a phallic symbol and the wine on the table, an aphrodisiac.

The low viewpoint in the painting gives the viewer the feeling of being voyeuristic, watching the characters from a doorway, and not wanting to disturb them. What first appears to be an innocuous domestic scene may in fact be a more intimate scene of courtship.

This painting is in the Royal Collection in London.

The Persistence of Memory by Dali


The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali 1931 in MOMA, New York City.

In 1929 Salvador Dali met his future wife Gala. Their union influenced all his subsequent work including this iconic painting. This is one of Dali’s most recognizable works, and contains many hidden symbols. The soft melting watches in the painting are meant to represent the relativity of space and time, and the erratic passage of time experienced whilst we are dreaming. In the centre of the painting it is possible to make out a human figure, possibly representing Dali himself, sleeping, and this figure is often used in his work. The figure can be seen as fading, as if in a dream, where it is difficult to recognize exact forms and compositions.

The clock at the bottom left of the painting is covered in ants, used by Dali to represent decay. The rocks to the right of the painting represent Cap de Creus in Catalonia, near to the town of Figueres, where Dali was born. There is a random egg in the painting, used in many of Dali’s paintings, and representing life. The mirror lying horizontally on the left of the painting represents impermanence and reflects both the subjective and objective world.

The whole painting epitomizes Dali’s theory of softness and hardness, central to his thinking at this time. When asked if the melting watches were inspired by the theory of relativity, Dali replied that they were inspired by the surrealist perception of a Camembert melting in the sun!

Trying to come up with the best visual representation of a dream was one of the goals of the Surrealist painters. Most dreams have unrelated people, places and objects coming together in a way which is difficult to comprehend, and this may go some way to explaining the meaning of the dream like state in this painting.

Vincent Van Gogh . Cafe Terrace at Night


Café Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh 1888

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s most important works, It is widely thought that there are allusions to Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ in this painting.

If you look closely you can see that there is one main figure with long hair, surrounded by a further 12 individuals seated. There is also a cross shining in the background of the painting. There are in fact other cross like shapes throughout the painting, one being just above the head of the central long haired figure. The figure in shadow in the doorway to the left may symbolize Judas.

Before dedicating himself to Art, Van Gogh, the son of a minister, had said that he wished to ‘Preach the Gospel Everywhere’. Whilst working on this painting, Vincent had contacted his brother Theo, saying that he had ‘A tremendous need for Religion’.

Although the painting represents a night scene, it does not contain the colour black. Van Gogh always said that the night is richer in colour than the day.

The Café in the painting is still in existence, renamed The Café Van Gogh.


Elizabeth 1st by Isaac Oliver 1600 The Rainbow Portrait

The Rainbow Portrait by Isaac Oliver 1600

This painting was completed in the last year of Elizabeth’s long reign. Elizabeth would have been in her late 60’s when the portrait was painted, yet her face is ageless and beautiful. She is portrayed as the immortal Queen and virgin mother to her people. This was the Golden age of Elizabethan England.

In the painting her dress is covered in eyes and ears stitched into the fabric, symbols implying that she could hear and see all. She had, after all, survived many conspiracies, plots and rebellions. The dragon on her sleeve represents her wisdom. It holds a heart shaped Ruby in its mouth, representing Elizabeth’s heart. This symbolises that the Queen’s wisdom controls her emotions. She is covered in jewels and beautiful fabric, showing majesty and wealth, the pearls symbolising virginity.

She is holding a rainbow, the colours having faded from the portrait. The rainbow represents peace, therefore without her there would be no peace. Another symbol of monarchy is the sun, and without the sun there can be no rainbow. As Elizabeth is holding the rainbow, we must therefore conclude that she represents the sun. The inscription on the left hand side of the painting, ‘Non Sine Sole Iris’ translates as no rainbow without the sun.

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The Power of Nature by Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson painting

Originally from Sheffield, Alison gained a BA Hons degree from Sheffield University, she is also a qualified nurse. Her works explore the power of nature and the fragility of life, and are decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural, with layers of paint built up on the canvas.

Alison is greatly influenced by Turner, and she has often been described as the modern day Turner.

Landscapes dominate Alison’s work, and she uses palette knives, trowels and scrapers to create texture. She works mainly in acrylics and oil experimenting with colour transparencies and textures. Balance, light and movement are important in her work, making her paintings  very atmospheric.

Alison says that she considers a painting to be finished when there is nothing else she can add or take away. Her paintings give the viewer  the possibility of seeing everyday things through a new perspective.

View all of Alison’s work on the site





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Jan Rippingham

Jan Rippingham paints

I started this online art gallery in 2011, with my partner, David Hamm. Our aim is to help promote original art online, from both established, and emerging artists. Our gallery showcases contemporary and traditional art, straight from the Artist’s Studio. I’m pleased to say that we are now one of the leading online galleries with a growing number of both artists and loyal customers!

I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. Now based in Hampshire, I graduated from Manchester with a BA hons in 1980. I then moved to London and worked at The London Design Studio for several years as a textile designer, before becoming a freelance designer for about 10 years. I designed printed textiles for furnishing fabrics, and sold many designs in New York, London, and Paris. About seven years ago I returned to painting, and now paint full time. I sell my work online, and my paintings are now in private collections worldwide. I paint mainly in acrylics, and think that my paintings are influenced by my background in textiles.

I love to travel, especially to Italy, and I sketch wherever I go. I am more than happy to paint commissions, please just contact me, thank you!

All my artwork is despatched to the customer packaged in a handmade box, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.


To view my work on the site please just click here.



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Raku Process and Origins by Shaun Hall

Raku Process and its Origins
Raku is essentially a style of pottery firing which involves quickly heating wares in a kiln normally fired outdoors. Traditionally kilns were fuelled by split wood or coal, but many Potters today use Propane Gas, as the temperature can be more carefully controlled.
Its origins of course lie in the Zen Buddhist Tea Ceremony and the humble little black and red tea bowls first produced by Chojiro in Japan.  The Raku family themselves continue this tradition towards the present day.  In traditional Raku ware the work is drawn from the kiln red hot and exposed to the air- doused in water or   rolled in grass or leaves to cool. The effect is of a typically Oxidised surface- muted, understated – yet one of natural beauty and simplicity.
Western Raku is a total contrast. Here the wares are drawn from the kiln in the typical Raku style, with tongs, but instead they are placed in a chamber (normally an old dustbin) full of combustible materials- such as leaves or wood shavings. This then ignites and produces lots of flames and smoke! The lack of oxygen present causes a reduction process to begin.
This allows the metallic elements within the Glaze’s oxides to react. A wide spectrum of effects and variations is possible, from metallic lustres and textures to the familiar crazing and smoke blackened lines  caused by the cooling process. Western Raku lends itself to experimentation – yet it still shares the same spontaneity and freedom evident in those original humble tea bowls produced in Japan.


Shaun Hall Raku
Copper Matt Method
Shaun works in both glazed Raku producing highly glossy metallic wares and heavily textured lava glazes. However, he is perhaps better known for using Copper matt slips.
This is a technically challenging and often elusive version of Raku firing. The pot or ware is coated in a thin copper matt slip. It is then  placed in a kiln and subsequently withdrawn at a higher than normal temperature for Raku at about 1020-1040oc.
Instead of being plunged into a bin full of combustible materials and smokes, Shaun places the work on a circular bed of wood shavings. This causes flames to lick around the sides of the vessel. More wood shavings are sprinkled around the pot for up to 2 minutes, before a metal bin is placed over the work, sealing in the air.  Wood shavings seal the base of the bin.
Depending on the size of the pot being fired- the work  is then left to cool for between 10-15 minutes. A short burst of air is then let in by lifting the bin a little- and the pot is again left to cool for a similar period. This is repeated  until the pot is cool enough to handle.
This  burst of air allows a period of reoxidisation/reduction and dramatically causes  the spread of the Copper Matt lustre and its’ dramatic colours.  Vivid areas of metallic copper bloom can result- with anything possible from salmon pink, rust, gold, green blue, orange and red.
It has been described as the most challenging of all Raku firing techniques to master. Many variables can upset the outcome- from the “internal”-the kiln firing temperature reached- to the “external”- the temperature outside on the firing day. (A hot or cold day can sometimes cause a wide variation in cooling/reduction rates thus affecting colour development) Even the type of wood shavings used can cause problems. Lastly, The dramatic cooling rate and the sudden exposure of the pot to the outside air can cause firing cracks.
Despite these factors- Copper Matt Raku remains one of the most enigmatic and beguiling of all the varied and experimental Western Raku techniques. Perhaps though,   it is the mastery of this technique required by the Potter –coupled with the almost fleeting transcience of colour, surface and “ other worldliness”- which lie  at the heart of its appeal. Certainly a good Copper Matte pot is a stunning thing and consequently absolutely unique.
Shaun Hall has developed quite a reputation for working in this medium and –uniquely- with slab built sculptural wares. His work can be seen in two recently published books- 500 Raku by Lark/US and Handmade in Britain by Vivays- both published in 2011/12.
View Shaun’s work in our Ceramics section


Sentinel II in Raku Copper finish
Sentinel II by Shaun Hall
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Artist Gill Bustamante – TV Ads

Starting on May 9th 2016, four of my Summer themed paintings are being used in a TV ad which is running during Good Morning Plus on ITV. The ad is for Opticrom eye drops who are sponsoring the program so their ads feature at beginning of ad breaks and at the ends. Four different paintings were used showing a figure magically appearing out of the background and rubbing their eyes which smears the face paint they were wearing to cleverly highlight how summer can cause itchy eyes!

The thing happened out of the blue when a nice lady who works for ITV was looking for ‘summer themed’ paintings and had found me on an artist’s directory website.  She contacted me because some of my paintings are of flower meadows and are large.  I did not get paid as such but what she did was buy 4 prints of the paintings from Point 101 (who are a great fine art printers I use to fulfil my print orders) and these were large enough for the actual filming. Afterwards, she gave me the 4 prints which I can sell.

No-one will know the paintings in the ads are mine but it has made my parents happy and is a nice thing to add to my news site so it was good. It may be encouraging to other artists that simply continuing to keep putting your name out there does sometimes pay off!

On an interesting aside – two of the paintings featured in the ads sold in the first week the ads began to run even though the buyers had not seen the ad and I had, in fact, painted them over a year ago – spooky eh?


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Recent Testimonials

Thank you to all customers who have written these testimonials for us in response to the following questions:
– Did the artwork arrive on time, and in good condition?
– Are you pleased with the artwork, and is it as described?
– Where did you find us?
– Would you recommend us to a friend?’
– Other comments.
G.C.  from London purchased ‘Carried Me Away’ by Stewart Wilson, ‘Autumnal Forest 3’ by Jan Rippingham & ‘Fishing Boats’ by Shirley Netherton
Hi Jan
We’re very happy with all elements of your service.
The paintings are great and they arrived superbly wrapped which was a concern when buying art online.
We’d certainly recommend you to friends and would use you again.
L.C.  from Lancashire purchased ‘Orange Poppies on Board’ by Rachel McCullock
Hi Jan
I was very happy with my purchase its a lovely painting, there  was a tiny crease in the board on the bottom left corner but I managed to hide it with the frame. I came across your site through Google and I would certainly purchase from you again. I’ve already told a few friends about your site when they have asked where I bought the painting. I’m currently in the process of moving home and my new place has a lot more space for more artwork so I will be browsing your site again very soon.
L.H from Germany purchased ‘Owl’ by Anastasia Shimshilashvili
The artwork arrived on time and in good condition.
I found your company on the Internet, browsing for original artworks, by British Artists.  I decided that I wanted something original to hang on my walls that wasn’t overly costly, but would set our home apart from those filled with the mainstream prints we could buy on the highstreet.
I would definitely recommend your company to all of my friends who are looking to do the same.
The piece is really just as I had hoped and will dominate our Hallway in our new home…, I’m just looking for a good framing service locally and it will be a fab talking piece for all visitors, I am certain.
I will be back to buy more works once we have moved in.
C.R from London purchased ‘Grand Canal, Venice’ by Jan Rippingham
The artwork arrived in very good condition and was beautifully packed, the only unfortunate thing was that they tried to deliver it on a saturday when the caretaker wasn’t working so I had to collect it from the sorting office, I think it arrived the day after it was sent, so very efficient.
I can’t remember who told me about the website, but I had heard about it from someone, and yes, I would recommend it to a friend for browsing , it was extremely easy to navigate .
The artwork itself was exactly as it looked on the webpage and I am very pleased with it.
N.P from Northamptonshire purchased ‘Craiova’ by Paul Chambers
First time ordering a painting on the net, I was a little unsure but thought I would give it a go and very pleased.
T.H from Middlesex purchased ‘Poppy Field 8’ – Commission by Jan Rippingham
Dear Jan,
Thank you for our beautiful art work! We are more than thrilled with our art piece. It arrived on time and just as you described. My husband and I found you through a random google search. I have already recommended your services to many friends as we were very satisfied with your piece and will likely commission with you again in the future.
P.K from Middlesex purchased ‘Garden 9’ by Jan Rippingham
I recently purchased ‘Garden 9 ‘ by Jan Rippingham. The painting arrived on time and was very carefully packed. It was true to the computer image only the actual painting was much nicer and more vibrant : a real taste of summer. I can’t remember whether I followed a link to the site or whether I just googled  and found it, but I am so glad I did and have since recommended your gallery to my daughter , who was also interested in the wide variety and quality of the artworks.
J.D. from Essex purchased ‘Street Lights 2’ by Aisha Haider
Yes I am very pleased with the painting and the service I received  from your company. The painting is exactly as I hoped and arrived extremely quickly.
Thanks very much and regards,
A.T. from Glasgow purchased ‘The One’ by Aisha Haider
The art work was wonderful, it arrived on time  & was well packaged. My sister-in-law had seen art work on your site & really liked it so we bought her it for her 40th birthday & she loved it.  I would definitely recommend your art work & web site to others.
L.E. from Dunbartonshire purchased   ‘Lovers – Never let me go’  by Carmen Tyrrell 
Dear Jan,
Yes I was very pleased with the service and communication prior to delivery, the art work and it’s description and picture was accurate. Really easy and quick process. I think I just did a google search for artwork. I really liked your website, easy to navigate and clearly presented.
A happy customer, many thanks
D.P. from Middlesex purchased ‘Sea Lavender’ by Tina Robson
I would be delighted to provide feedback.  I purchased ‘Sea Lavender’ for my dad’s 60th birthday and he was overjoyed with the gift.
The artwork arrived within a few days of the order, in good condition & was packaged appropriately.  We are delighted with the piece.
I found the gallery website whilst browsing on the internet for art work.
I would recommend the gallery to friends if they were wanting to purchase art and will certainly look at the site myself in the future.
N.R. from Hampshire purchased ‘Purple Light’ by Steve Hawthorn
Dear Jan,
The art work arrived on time and in excellent condition. We are very pleased with it as it looks exactly like the Internet picture. I found your website via the Matthew Bank art shop website (Jesmond) and would recommend it to anyone looking for unique artwork.
C.E. from Lincolnshire purchased ‘Garden 5’ by Jan Rippingham
Here are my comments for my recent purchase:
 Did the Artwork arrive on time and in good condition? Yes it was a very fast efficient service and undamaged
Are you pleased with the Artwork, and is it as described? Yes I was very pleased with it and more importantly so was my friend as this was a 50th birthday present. She loved it!
 Where did you find us? Used google
Would you recommend us to a friend? Absolutely
Other Comments: Beautiful painting, would love to own one myself…..perhaps for my 50th!!
P.B. from Fife purchased ‘A Winter’s evening, Basingstoke Canal, Ash’  by John Hurr
The painting arrived on time and was excellently packed.
It was with some trepidation that I purchased a painting on the internet but all my fears were unfounded.
I just found Rippingham Art by browsing the internet but would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.
My only other comment would be that the painting, in real life, has stronger colours than depicted on your website, but this does not detract from my enjoyment of it.
It has now been framed and is hanging on the wall to be appreciated.
J.P.  from Staffordshire  purchased ‘Forest Brook’ by Oleg Riabchuk
The painting arrived very quickly and in good condition although it had not been strung so I could not hang it until Jan sent the D rings and cord.
I Googled oil paintings / galleries / etc. and found artonline among others.  As soon as I saw Forest Brook it attracted me.
I already have recommended you to several people.
I was worried about buying a painting online without actually seeing the real thing but the 14 day trial period gave me the confidence to go ahead.  All my queries were dealt with promptly and efficiently and Jan was very supportive.  I love the painting and often as I walk past it I have to stop and look at it, then I forget where I was going.
G.M from Berkshire  purchased ‘Pisces Diptych’ by Rachel McCullock
Jan, Thank you for your efficient service. Pisces Diptych arrived, well packed and in good condition, just in time to be presented to celebrate our daughter’s 50th birthday. It now graces her entrance hall in St Albans and looks superb there. I located you by internet search and congratulate you on your web site. Please convey our admiration of her work to Rachel McCullock. Best wishes for the New Year.
E.C from Inverclyde purchased ‘Red Poppies’ by Oleg Riabchuk
Dear Jan,
I did receive the art work in very good time- thank you!
Think I found you just by searching original art work and then when I saw a number of your paintings which I liked, I then went on to your site.
Many of your paintings, which I liked were already sold and so I continued to search your site.
I am very happy with my purchase.
I most definitely will recommend you to friends and family.
Thanks for great service.
L.S. from Norwich purchased ‘The Last Walk of the Day’ and ‘Sunset behind the Gasworks’ by Martin Whittam
In response to your e-mail I can confirm that the commission was received on the day we requested delivery, both paintings were in excellent condition.
We found your site using theYahoo search engine, we will use your site in the future and would not hesitate to recommend it to family and friends.
Most efficient and helpful service, we were kept informed at each stage of our commission progress, first class customer service, well done.
S.H from Kent purchased ‘Poppies 2’ by Jan Rippingham
Yes very pleased with painting, thank you.  It arrived promptly and extremely well wrapped.  I commissioned Jan to paint this for me and was very impressed with the fact that I was able to make a few changes along the way, as she sent me photos of the work in progress, so what I received was exactly what I wanted – very impressive.
I found you on Google and have already recommended you to friends !



D.V from  Surrey purchased ‘Snow Patrol’ by Mervyn Tay
“Snow Patrol” is great and my brother-in-law loved his b’day present
Eventhough it was no longer in stock at the time of the order, your gallery went above and beyond in contacting the artist to commission another painting in time for my brother-in-law’s birthday!
Thank you very much for your efforts.  I was very impressed with the service.
The website was easy to traverse and I liked the in-depth bio of each featured artist.
I would highly recommend the site to friends and, in fact, have already done so.

I will definitely revisit the site to purchase further art pieces.

C.P from Devon purchased  ‘First Snow’ by Jan Rippingham

The piece of art by jan is very nice, its in the process of being framed and cant wait to hang on our lounge wall.
It arrived in excellent packaging with no damage at all. The whole process was very plesant indeed and i will be recommending the site to anyone i know who is looking for any art.
Thanks for lovely picture and easy nice uncomplicated transaction.
D.B from Cambridgeshire purchased 6 prints by Theo Booth
I am delighted to say that I am so pleased with the 6 Theo Booth prints I recently purchased. They arrived quickly and were extremely well packaged.
The prints are beautiful and work really well on my stairs and landing – they look fab!
We were looking generally at art on the internet and came accross your site whilst searching Google.

I have had friends comment on the prints and always tell them where I bought them, they do generate many comments!

M.B from Perth & Kinross purchased ‘Tour De France 2012’ by David Reeves Payne

Yes the painting arrived very promptly and beautifully wrappd to protect.
It was in perfect condition and David had included a certificate of authentication.
I found your web site through google.
I would certainly recommend you and have already done so to friends.E.H from Kent purchased ‘October 2’ by Jan RippinghamThe painting arrived on time and was just what I wanted, it was in very good condition and I am very pleased with it. Looks perfect in my lounge. Thank you.A.G from Kent purchased ‘Golden Sky’ by Aisha Haider-Yes-Yes-Browsing the internet-Yes-Really like your website, easy to navigate-My wife really liked the idea of showing the paintings in a room setting , helps a lot
P.S from Switzerland purchased  ‘Garden 6’ by Jan Rippingham

-It arrived in perfect condition – excellent packaging. It took longer than expected but this was due to Swiss customs, nothing you can do about that.

– I’m very pleased with it – the description and picture on your website were accurate.

-Can’t remember exactly but it was an internet search.

-Already have!

-How do I go about commissioning another painting from Jan?

 J.L from West Sussex purchased  ‘Early Morning Landscape’ and ‘Tuscan Fields’ by Jan Rippingham<
-My father is very pleased with the paintings. He loves them!
-From an online search.
-From my point of view, my father has been very pleased with your response to his queries and your helpfulness (he had queries about framing for example).
S.M from Essex purchased ‘Autumn Mist in the Woods’ by Aisha Haider, and ‘San Giorgio Maggiore’ by Jan Rippingham.
The artwork arrived promptly and well wrapped. I am extremely pleased with the work and it looks better in real life.
I found you on line through Google, actually searching for galleries to visit. I would definitely recommend you to a friend, in fact, my family have already been told!
Best art gallery web site I found!
Many Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be using you again.
T.G from Oxfordshire purchased ‘Working Narrowboats’ by John Lowerson.
The painting arrived today, and is wonderful. I wondered about buying art online, but your returns policy gave me confidence. The watercolour exceeds my expectations – it looks even better than it did on the screen.
It is just what I have been searching for.
M.H from London purchased ‘Poppies’ by Oleg Riabchuk.
yes thank you, it arrived on time & in good order, & yes i am pleased with it, the more i look at it the more i like it, I found you through a artist, & most certainly i would recommend you to my friends, and others,all good stuff, i will probably be buying more some time soon.
J.K  from Leicestershire purchased ‘Morning Flight’ by Beth Nicholas.
– Yes it did – quicker than I expected!
– Yes- I had already seen it at an art fair so I knew what to expect.
– I received a link from the artist herself.
– Yes
– It was very easy to use your site. Thank you!
N.B from Lancashire purchased ‘Summer Morning’ by Oleg Riabchuk.
-The artwork arrived within 4 days of placing order and in perfect condition – excellent service.
-Very pleased with the painting, the website photograph doesn’t do it justice!.
– Via Google.
-Without doubt.
– Excellent site offering an extensive range of art which is easily accessible – only a ‘click’ away.
P.Q from Suffolk purchased ‘A Place to Dream’ and ‘Memory Tree’ by Jean Tatton Jones.
My purchases have just arrived (only 2 days after I ordered them) and were in pristine condition. They are beautifully presented and along with the certificate of authenticity, I received a personal greeting card from the artist.
I am delighted with my experience of shopping with you and with my purchases.  I’d like to say a huge thanks and I shall certainly be making recommendations of your website.
Best wishes for continued success in the future.
S.M from Surrey purchased ‘Surrey Hills’ by Jan Rippingham.
We’re so please with ‘Surrey Hills’ which is perfect and everything I had hoped for. On the whole I think your site is fantastic, very user friendly and the option to see the painting ‘in situ’ makes all the difference.
J.T from Middlesex purchased ‘The Height of Summer’ by Jan Rippingham.
Delivery was on time and the painting was in perfect condition. My daughter loves the painting (it was a birthday present) so do I.
I found the gallery on the web, and yes I would recommend you to a friend.
D.H from Cornwall purchased ‘1223-1’ by Paul Chambers.
Just received the picture from Paul Chambers, it is stunning. Excellently wrapped and very prompt service. I would definitely use your site again.
J.B  from Surrey purchased ‘Surrey Fields’ by Jan Rippingham.
-Yes, arrived quicker than expected, well wrapped in in good condition.
– Loved it, moving house later this year otherwise I’d have already bought another (I saw an autumn colours one, that’ll be one for next year/ after I’ve moved and when I know what my new house looks like).
-Googled you.
– Absolutely.
– I would have bought a larger one, potentially 1.5 to 2 times bigger if available, perhaps it was and I missed it, but I think a larger version would look fantastic, worth considering..
L.M from Warwickshire purchased ‘Cavalcade’ by Stewart Wilson.
The art work ordered from you site arrived as scheduled  and in first class condition. It was well wrapped and  on opening we were delighted by our selection . We returned to the site in order to purchase our second choice but sadly that had been sold.
R.K from Essex purchased ‘Cottage Garden 4’ by Jan Rippingham.
-Did the Artwork arrive on time, and in good condition? Yes and it was on time
-Where did you find us? Google I think
-Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes
– Other Comments:
The website is really easy to use
The selection of pieces is great
Pricing seems good – with a good range to suit all levels of buyer.
You were really helpful in getting this sent on time overseas for my friend’s wedding.
Really great service and I’d definite;y use you again.
Thank you.
I.K from Somerset purchased ‘At The Piano’ by Zhana Viel.
-Did the Artwork arrive on time, and in good condition? Yes and yes.
-Are you pleased with the Artwork, and is it as described? Yes and yes again
-Where did you find us? Internet search
-Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes
Personal thanks for speed of response. Website easy to access and visually effective.
R.Z from London purchased ‘Abstract 2 The Bridge’ by Jan Rippingham.
Yes, the artwork arrived on time and I am very pleased with it. One thing I could recommend is that you could follow up with an email notifying the purchaser that the artwork has been dispatched etc.

However, the piece arrived in excellent condition and I would purchase again if I found another piece to interest me.


W.G from Buckinghamshire purchased ‘1214’ by Paul Chambers.

I have just received my delivery, so quick, of Artwork 1214 by Paul Chambers. We have been looking for a piece of art to hang in a specific place in our home for 3 years. I came across your site and knew my problem was solved. I love Paul’s work and couldn’t be happier with the picture.


T.C from Middlesex purchased ‘The Plough’ by Jan Rippingham.

I was very pleased with ‘The Plough’.
I wanted something for the bedroom and felt looking at it seemed relaxing plus I liked the way the light was done and the manner the tree line had been broken. I looked through quite a few sites before choosing this painting as I felt it was good value and had something extra compared to the other things I had seen.
I found you via web search engine and would recommend you if a friend was looking to purchase a picture.
B.D from Cornwall purchased ‘Rapeseed 2’.
I can confirm that both  paintings arrived on time and in good condition.
I am very pleased with both,  although the edges of Rapeseed 2 are a bit rough in places and could have been finished better.
I found your site quite by chance on the internet, and was immediately attracted by these two paintings in particular – although there were others I would also have liked to buy. The way in which paintings are displayed on your website (with furniture in a domestic setting) makes it easier to appreciate how they will look when received and  hung.
I will certainly recommend Rippingham’s to friends/family considering buying artwork.
I appreciated the way my order was handled,  particularly the efficient way it was despatched and the advance information I was sent about when to expect delivery.
I hope to do business with you again in the future.
C.S.Q from Hampshire purchased ‘Garden 4’ by Jan Rippingham
The paintings arrived thank you.  They were ordered by my Mum, the one by yourself was a present from her to my daughter for her 21st birthday which she absolutely loves. my mum wanted to give her an original piece of art that will last and this is perfect, something for her to treasure. Thanks again, she will enjoy it very much.I will be recommending the site to friends.
P.S  from  the West Midlands purchased ‘Wind’ by Anastasia Shimshilashvili
Hi – I have received my painting today as promised. I am so delighted with it – it is even better than I expected. I adore it!  Please let the artist
know that I think her work is stunning.
Thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you.
D.L from Essex purchased ‘Girl’s Head’ by Letts Sculptures

yes the artwork arrived on time and in good condition.
yes I would recommend you to a friend.
M.W from Kent purchased ‘Tower Bridge Velocity’ by Stewart Wilson

To let you know that ‘Velocity’ by Stewart Wilson was received in excellent order,on time and we love it .
I found your website through a google search ( I think) and had it bookmarked for ages.
I would definatley recommend your website and artists to friends..
L.U.  from West Yorkshire purchased ‘Hummingbird’ by Victoria Stothard
My artwork is beautiful and better than described even my husband is now in love with it ;and wants it back in the front room where it was situated after unpacking as he likes to see it and from a non artistic person who does not understand abstract I think it speaks for the beauty of the painting. It arrived in perfect condition and when there was a delay in the delivery which i queried following confirmation of dispatch ,your service was outstanding in chasing and keeping me informed . I found your website via google when looking for a Victoria stothard painting which I had seen and fallen in love with; and after the fantastic service I received from yourselves from order through to delivery I have already been recommending you to friends who appreciate art.
I am hoping that after xmas I will be in a position to treat myself again to another artwork and I guarantee I will be ordering through your company.
K.W.  from West Sussex purchased ‘Memories’ by John Letts.
The artwork arrived quickly, well packed and in excellent condition.  I was thrilled with it.  I have a number of other pieces by John Letts, and I wanted this for my collection.  I discovered you on the internet, and would certainly use you again.
Many thanks.
D.W. from Lincoln purchased 3 Ceramic pieces 
Yes, thank you, they arrived on time and in good condition. I am very pleased with them though the lidded stoneware container by Yuriko Hill is less than 12 cm high, not he 15 cm declared on the site. I found you by just looking on the internet for vases. Yes I would recommend you.
D.K. from Bristol purchased ‘Summer Meadow 3’ by Jan Rippingham
Hi Jan,
We are really pleased with the painting and it has pride of place in our sitting room.
The painting arrived at my place of work within 3 days of ordering and was packaged really well. Once opened we just placed it on the wall.
Your web site is really user friendly and I particularly liked being able to see the size of paintings in situ as we were looking for a large painting to go above a new fireplace we had just had fitted and yours looked perfect!
Everyone who has seen the painting has commented on it and love the bright colours.
With thanks and best wishes
Comments from our Artists 
Alison Johnson –
‘The site looks great, love how you display the art, it looks extremely professional. Lovely to see a ‘real artist’ has set a site up for a change. I wish you all the best with it.’
Jason Keeley-
‘The site works really well – very robust and cleverly designed.’
Paul Chambers – 
‘You have an excellent site – easy to use and I am satisfied with the results I have had in the short time I have been with you. Look forward to many more sales.’
Gail de Cordova-
‘This all has such a good energy about it – I was so pleased to be approached by yourselves as have had quite a few online galleries that were asking me to join for quite a big subscription fee and they had naff work on there too!!
I was so pleased and surprised to sell a print so quickly, especially as I had only uploaded a couple of images and haven’t even put on half of what I would like to!
Your online gallery is a breath of fresh air, I have to say!’
Carrie Hill –
‘I sent one piece of work to you for your approval, and to see if I had done everything right – what an amazing surprise to find that the print has sold! I am delighted, and will now put further work on your website and hope for the same luck.
Thank you! ‘