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Street Art in Florence

Florence aerial view

From Michelangelo and Raphael to Blub. How Florence’s Street Art became its latest attraction..

The city now has a flourishing street art scene which includes graffiti, poetry and paintings on just about every corner.

‘A Student’s Guide to Street Art in Florence’ highlights some of the most well-known street artists working in this beautiful city..

Read ‘A Student’s Guide to Street Art in Florence’ by CAPA World

street art florence


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The Right Backdrop

Framed Abstract Painting Dark Wall

Do you buy the painting to fit the wall or change the wall to fit the painting?

Is the colour behind the painting as important as the frame which it sits in?

The artwork needs to feel at home, complemented by its surroundings, not overwhelmed by them, and this means careful consideration of the above.

This article from The New York Times written by Michelle Higgins seeks to answer this question. She consults colour consultants from major art galleries and  interior designers to seek out the perfect way to show off your artworks best features. It also discusses why white may not always be the answer and how even the finish on the wall, matt, gloss or flat, can affect how a painting hangs.

‘The Right Backdrop for Art is Bold. Or Maybe It’s Neutral’ by Michelle Higgins

The New York Times.

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Beautiful Books by Peter Walters


Combining his creative talent and love of literature, Peter has established a literary inspired portfolio shared with book lovers and art fans across the globe.

Peter at work in his studio in North Cornwall

Merging traditional illustration with digital art has seen Peter hone a style whose “mix of textures adds an eye-catching dimension to his vibrant collages.” (Publisher’s Weekly) Peter also works as an illustrator and children’s author and understands that works of literature create a lasting impression on people of all ages.


‘The Wind in the Willows’

Peter creates affordable artwork that everyone can enjoy. If you would like to create your own unique artwork designed by Peter, please view  ‘Good Reads – Custom Artwork’ 




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Cinzia Mancini – A Passion for Nature


Cinzia was born in Rome, Italy, but is now based in London.

She is a self-taught artist, and is passionate about painting, especially flowers. Cinzia says that painting flowers reminds her of her childhood, and her grandmother’s beautiful garden in Rome. Cinzia works in a variety of materials, oils, ink, acrylics, often producing textured paintings which are very tactile.

She immerses herself in her paintings, painting with love and exploring the world of nature. She says that she knows that each of her paintings will find the best home and an owner that will love them like she does.  Cinzia is always happy to paint commissions. Should you see one of her paintings that you like, but which is no longer available, please just contact her via Rippingham Art as she would be more than happy to paint a commission painting for you.

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Paresh Nrshinga

 Paresh has always been fascinated by colour and shape, and by combining the two together, he says that there are endless possibilities for creating art. His painting however goes deeper than simply putting the two of them together. It starts with emotion or feeling and then it “spills out” onto the canvas. Through his paintings he tries to express the way he sees the world and connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

 He creates abstract paintings that concentrate on colour and form and that are unique in their ability to be at once bold and bursting with energy whilst also retaining an overall delicate nature. His work looks fantastic in contemporary environments, in the home or office setting. His art is captivating and unique, dramatic and mesmerising and his abstract paintings are internationally recognized and collected widely.

 Through his passion for music he developed a unique flair of transferring and transforming the energy of sound onto canvas in the form of colour and movement – thus, creating the most vibrant visual effects. He is a versatile and perceptive painter, using spontaneous brushstrokes,  concentrating on texture and gesture.

From early childhood, Paresh was already absorbing colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions in his sketchbooks. His paintings are inspired by his travels and his spirituality. He is also inspired by artists such as Pollock, Warhol, Klimt and Picasso.

Paresh has exhibited widely in galleries in London, New York, Abu Dhabi, France, Italy and across the UK. His multi award winning work now features in many valuable private and corporate collections not only in Europe, but also in the U.S., Asia, Australia and South America. His paintings have been used by the TV and cinema industry. He has worked together with established and prestigious brands such as Bang & Olufsen and one of his most recent clients and collectors includes the Queen of Abu Dhabi.

Paresh Nrshinga was born in Kenya, and at a young age moved to the UK where he now lives in Radlett, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Paresh is more than happy to paint commissions, please just contact him via Rippingham Art.

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Stillness & Calm – Nicola Jane

 After leaving college with a BA Hons degree in sculpture, Nicola spent the next 14 years producing figurative and abstract sculptures in wood. She returned to carving in stone in 2004, concentrating specifically on the human form, taking inspiration from Jacob Epstein and Eric Gill amongst others.


Nicola has also been working on a series of stone, plaster and wood pieces inspired by natural organic forms. She prefers to make larger pieces in plaster which are then cast in bronze or occasionally resin. Her bronze sculptures portray a stillness, and a sense of calm.

Nicola has exhibited regularly in London, including at the Mall Galleries and The Royal Academy.

Her work is in both private and public collections in the UK and worldwide.

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A Passion for Life – Renate Altmann

Renate Altmann was born in Berlin in 1932. She came to England as a young child, fleeing Nazi Germany months before the outbreak of the Second World War. She lost many of her relatives and their loss can be felt in the yearning for security and familial unity expressed in her work.

Renate has always loved art, working as a fashion designer, jewellery maker, ceramicist and painter. Her passion however has always been sculpture. At the H.G.S. Institute in London she was awarded Student of the Year.

She works in bronze, terracotta, wood and stone. Her bronzes reflect the experiences of her past and her optimism for the future. She has exhibited in galleries spanning 3 continents over 30 years. She lives in London with her family, and despite the losses she has faced, she looks forward to the future and continuing to pursue her passions in life.

View all of Renate Altmann’s wonderful sculptures

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The Power of Nature by Alison Johnson

Originally from Sheffield, Alison gained a BA Hons degree from Sheffield University, she is also a qualified nurse. Her works explore the power of nature and the fragility of life, and are decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural, with layers of paint built up on the canvas.

Alison is greatly influenced by Turner, and she has often been described as the modern day Turner.

Landscapes dominate Alison’s work, and she uses palette knives, trowels and scrapers to create texture. She works mainly in acrylics and oil experimenting with colour transparencies and textures. Balance, light and movement are important in her work, making her paintings  very atmospheric.

Alison says that she considers a painting to be finished when there is nothing else she can add or take away. Her paintings give the viewer  the possibility of seeing everyday things through a new perspective.

View all of Alison’s work on the site





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The Sensual Female Form by Carmen Tyrrell

I am an artist living and working in NW England, near Manchester. I was born and educated in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

I began my training and hard work in the academic way. I drew from casts, still lives, from models, figure painting and analysing the works of famous artists. I took a 3 years course in a School of Art and 4 years in The Academy of Art.

My body of work focus on honouring the feminine form and creating romantic scenes of couples in love.


Sensual and dramatic female postures are inspired by everyday life, certain images or my imagination.

Powerful feelings, as love and passion, are expressed through my energetic and spontaneous style of work.

Using different media and techniques, the style can be more or less simplified, depends how I feel about the subject.

Whatever media is used there is texture and movement.

 Very often I alternate the media and the subjects and create a series at the time. This way I keeps the spontaneity and freshness.

The paintings are usually bold, colourful and textured using mainly the palette knife.

Working with charcoal and pastels I feel free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities creating powerful and expressive drawings.


Over the years my art sells very well online building a good reputation and a high standard of professionalism.

     More and more art lovers enjoy to view and buy art online from the comfort of their home.

 My works are collectible, highly regarded and can be found worldwide in private collections.  Usually, my art collectors have a good number of my works in their private collections.

View all of Carmen’s work

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Emotional Creations by Melanie Graham

Melanie Graham’s landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes are contemporary and dramatic, full of movement, intensity, and emotion. Her works touch the soul, focusing on the raw beauty of space and nature. Melanie uses vibrant colours applied with both palette knife and brush. Her artworks are inspired by her love of the sea and wild weather. Melanie works on high quality canvas with high grade and deeply textured paint.


Melanie studied at Nottingham and Cardiff Universities. She lives in Nottingham with her husband, teenage children, and numerous pets!

View all of Melanie’s work