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Emotional Creations by Melanie Graham

Melanie Graham’s landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes are contemporary and dramatic, full of movement, intensity, and emotion. Her works touch the soul, focusing on the raw beauty of space and nature. Melanie uses vibrant colours applied with both palette knife and brush. Her artworks are inspired by her love of the sea and wild weather. Melanie works on high quality canvas with high grade and deeply textured paint.


Melanie studied at Nottingham and Cardiff Universities. She lives in Nottingham with her husband, teenage children, and numerous pets!


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Shirley Netherton

Shirley is a Cornish artist who has developed a very unique, and instantly recognisable style of painting. Her style could be described as Naïve, using blocked colour and simplified forms.

Shirley loves walking and kayaking, using the photos she takes whilst pursuing these hobbies as inspiration for her paintings. She is inspired by the beautiful county of Cornwall and her paintings reflect her love of this area.

View more of Shirley’s work on the site

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Jan Rippingham

I started this online art gallery in 2011, with my partner, David Hamm. Our aim is to help promote original art online, from both established, and emerging artists. Our gallery showcases contemporary and traditional art, straight from the Artist’s Studio. I’m pleased to say that we are now one of the leading online galleries with a growing number of both artists and loyal customers!

I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. Now based in Hampshire, I graduated from Manchester with a BA hons in 1980. I then moved to London and worked at The London Design Studio for several years as a textile designer, before becoming a freelance designer for about 10 years. I designed printed textiles for furnishing fabrics, and sold many designs in New York, London, and Paris. About seven years ago I returned to painting, and now paint full time. I sell my work online, and my paintings are now in private collections worldwide. I paint mainly in acrylics, and think that my paintings are influenced by my background in textiles. I love to travel, especially to Italy, and I sketch wherever I go. I am more than happy to paint commissions, please just contact me, thank you!

All my artwork is despatched to the customer packaged in a handmade box, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.


To view my work on the site please just click here.



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Philip Hearsey Sculptures

Philip’s sculptures are domestic in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office or hotel. Occasionally he makes pieces intended for outdoor use.

 Philip’s work is instinctive. He visualizes what he is going to make, sometimes making a quick sketch but mostly the pieces emerge from an idea sparked by something he has seen.  

 Philip specializes in using sand-cast bronze to make his sculptures, engaging the natural qualities of bronze as a material in its own right.  

  Reusable oil based or green sand can produce very fine texture and is used for smaller pieces whereas more solid resin or air set sand is used for larger pieces when green sand becomes too heavy or will fall apart under the strain of depth or size. The bronze is solid and pieces can be very weighty.

 Philip’s work is influenced by the experience of being in a landscape. Whilst the landscape around him seems very quiet and slow-changing the wind and clouds are never still.

 Philip has exhibited widely in solo exhibitions, mixed and open exhibitions, solo showcasing and art fairs.  

 Philip undertakes commissions on request, please just contact him via Rippingham Art


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‘When I’m Painting I’m Smiling’. Michelle Carolan

Michelle is a self-taught artist living in Yorkshire. Her paintings are full of texture and atmosphere, capturing light and shadows. The jewel like colours used by Michelle seem to dance on the canvas.

Michelle’s abstract floral paintings are lively and uplifting, inspired by the flowers in her garden, and nature in general. Her work is constantly evolving, and her paintings hang in many private and corporate collections in the UK and abroad.

Michelle is more than happy to paint commissions, creating something unique for your space. Please contact Michelle if you would like her to paint a commission for you.


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Davide de Palma

Davide De Palma was born in Benevento in 1978. From an early age he loved drawing, music, poetry and literature. He wrote his first poems at the age of twelve, at the same time he began studying the guitar. He graduated from a technical institute in Benevento and a passion for art led him in 2003 to Bologna, where he studied for two years at the Academy of Fine Arts. He currently lives in Montefalcone di Val Fortore, and the constant in his life is his love for art.

The technique he uses involves quality oil on canvas, painted with paintbrush, palette knife and often to complete his artworks he uses his fingers. He takes his inspiration from the ‘unsurpassed beauty of nature, the reflection of light of a sunset, the sound of the rain, and the scents of Spring’.

View all of Davide’s work

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Shaun Hall and the Art of Raku

Raku is a style of pottery firing which involves quickly heating wares in a kiln normally fired outdoors. Traditionally kilns were fuelled by split wood or coal, but many Potters today use Propane Gas, as the temperature can be controlled more easily.

Shaun works with copper matt fumed Raku, this is an erratic and unique technique which is notoriously difficult to master. This is also part of its’ elusive charm, ensuring that each pot is a unique piece.
His work is sculptural in form, and developed from the Jug shape which was his take on the still life- and became a sort of totemic or non-functional form.

Shaun has been working primarily in raku fired ceramic since 1998.
He has exhibited with amongst others, Handmade in Britain and Art in Clay and sold his graduate work to Selfridges. Shaun’s work can be seen in galleries around England and Wales, and he continues to pursue the spontaneity of Raku. Looking to the future he is investigating stoneware and volcanic textural surfaces.

View Shaun’s work on the site

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Beautiful Books by Peter Walters


Combining his creative talent and love of literature, Peter has established a literary inspired portfolio shared with book lovers and art fans across the globe.

Peter at work in his studio in North Cornwall

Merging traditional illustration with digital art has seen Peter hone a style whose “mix of textures adds an eye-catching dimension to his vibrant collages.” (Publisher’s Weekly) Peter also works as an illustrator and children’s author and understands that works of literature create a lasting impression on people of all ages.


‘The Wind in the Willows’

Peter creates affordable artwork that everyone can enjoy. If you would like to create your own unique artwork designed by Peter, please view  ‘Good Reads – Custom Artwork’ 




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‘A Summer’s Day’ by Tiffany Scull

    ‘A Summer’s day’ A large sgraffito vessel by Tiffany Scull

Sometimes I have an idea of exactly how the design is going to work on a piece and sometimes it’s just a feeling. I knew I wanted to try somethings a little different with this one and decided to decorate it using two different types of butterflies and three different flowers. I’ve never done this before and I wasn’t sure if the colours would clash or would look a little messy together.

Tiffany working on ‘A Summer’s Day’

I was a bit surprised to find this piece took me over 90 hours to finish all the sgraffito and slip decoration and it was a struggle to keep the clay damp enough to work on. The final unveiling from the cling film revealed the finished design and I’m really pleased with how this has worked. I will now leave it to dry slowly under plastic for a month before I fire. I have titled the piece ‘A summer’s day’ and I hope it invokes that gentle glorious feeling of flowers and butterflies blowing in the wind on a late summer’s afternoon.

View more of Tiffany’s artwork on the site


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Artist Paul Chambers

                                                                                             Artist Paul Chambers


Paul has always been interested in art, but only began painting professionally once he had retired. We love Paul’s wonderful abstracts and we are really pleased that we have sold many of his artworks. Paul has also painted many commissions for our customers, for home and for office spaces. If you would like a commissioned piece by Paul to fit your specific requirements, please just contact him via Rippingham Art.

The main image shows Paul at work on his latest painting, ‘Aquastratum’