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Can You Name The UK’s Most Painted Places?

sketchbook uk painting

Don’t Paint That, Paint This

Looking for inspiration? Look no further! As the most frequently painted places in the UK, these iconic spots have been inspiring artists for centuries, with one exception..

1.  Cornwall

With so many beautiful coastal points to choose from, Cornwall’ s picturesque landscape is a long-standing favourite for artists. St Ives, Mousehole and Newlyn with its School of Art all ensure that this beautiful county remains at the forefront of our artistic heritage.

2. The Houses of Parliament

If it’s good enough for Monet… He painted The Houses of Parliament from his Savoy hotel room on numerous occasions to demonstrate the effect of London’s changeable weather conditions on a stationary object. Since its completion in 1860 the current neo-gothic design has proved irresistible to artists the world over.

3. The Lake District

Who can resist the unique beauty of England’s largest National Park? Turner famously painted The Lake District on several occasions – bringing the beauty of the mountainous landscape to life with watercolours. Artists continue to flock to this World Heritage Site, tempted by the picturesque scenery of areas such as Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick, Ravenglass and Borrowdale.

4. The Scottish Highlands

This region’s dramatic landscape, coupled with its sense of serenity, makes for an awe-inspiring subject matter. Popular areas for capturing its beauty include Glencoe and An Teallach.

5. The London Eye

A new entry, but this recent addition is not to be underestimated. Despite its (arguably-tricky-to-paint) structure this London landmark inspires artwork at an unprecedented rate. ’The Eye’ has become one of the London skyline’s most recognisable and most artistically appreciated attractions.

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Discover Paintings Online – Floral Art

floral paintings

This is a huge category! Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful flowers? They can brighten up any room with their  cheery dispositions. We have a wealth of floral artwork, from realist to semi-abstract paintings and prints. Let’s dive in!

michelle carolan floral painting

‘It’s a Beautiful Day’

A semi-abstract Impressionistic depiction of a meadow full of flowers by Michelle Carolan. The artwork was inspired by the smells and bright colours of summer. You can clearly imagine yourself walking through the meadow and breathing it all in. Michelle begins by building up layers of colour washes and then adds texture with bold brushstrokes and a palette knife. £550

meadow painting by jan rippingham

‘Spring Meadow III’

A semi-abstract painting of vibrant pink flowers. The flowers gradually fade into the background of the painting and burst out again in shades of pink. A one-off, original painting on a large square canvas. Painted in acrylics. £185

bees and daisies by lucy moore

‘Bumble Bee & Daisies’

A cute 25 x 25 cm piece featuring a field of daisies with 3 bumble bees buzzing around. Painted in acrylic on canvas board, this painting is a cheery reminder of the vital work that bees do and the fact that we need to look after them! £60

kalpana soanes floral painting

‘Blooming Spring II (Floral)’

A rich, textured abstract floral painting in pinks by artist Kalpana Soanes. Painted in acrylic on box canvas. The flowers seem to burst forwards from the centre of the painting, creating a perfect focal point for a room. £325

red tulips painting

‘Light of Passion’

Striking painting of 5 beautiful red tulips by Cinzia Mancini. The textured effect has been created using impasto techniques with acrylic paints, inks and mixed media and a palette knife.The vibrant red stands out against the background, giving the bulbs all the attention that they deserve! £70

floral print by clare hooper

‘Triptych II Luna’

Clare Hooper’s giclee boxed canvas is a large, statement artwork in bright colours. This attention-grabbing print is in a semi-abstract style and will brighten up any wall. £228

red poppies giclee print

‘Red Poppies’

Lisa Butcher has created this print from an original drawing of flowers in a digital composition. The inspiration came from a visit to Cornwall. The poppies themselves are white and set against a deep red background. This is a limited edition of 50 prints. £90

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How Do I Commission Artwork?

Excellent question! We want to make it easy for your to commission artwork by our talented artists. Most of our artists are more than happy to paint commissions so get in touch! We’ll take you through the process. For further information see our full article on Commissioning Artwork

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Cities for Artists: Manchester

fred aldous manchester postcard

5 Places You Must Not Miss

Rippingham Art’s roots are firmly in Manchester. Jan grew up here, and we all love this incredible city.

Regular trips mean that we know what’s great about this city. Hard as it has been, we have whittled the best spots for artists down to our favourite 5.

1. Fred Aldous

An absolute favourite. Talk about moving with the times. Fred Aldous opened in 1886! The shop is constantly updating and along with art and craft materials, it now has a knockout gift shop upstairs which is always deservedly busy.


Jan discovered the magic that was, and still is Fred Aldous whilst studying textiles at Manchester Uni in the late 1970’s. Most evenings, waiting in Stevenson Square for the 216 bus to arrive, she would go into the basement to look at the craft materials and spend far too long down there. It seemed that you could buy anything to make anything.

Jan was in love and was sad to leave Fred behind when she moved to London in the early 80’s. Thankfully you can now order art materials from them online. It remains one of the few places where Jan can find her much loved ‘Tulip’ pens.

A personal note from Jan: My daughter Lauren visits Manchester frequently, and she always makes her way to Fred Aldous, it’s like a magnet. As a small child I was always taking her to art galleries and art shops, and she seems to have inherited my love for the art shop to beat all art shops.

P.S. Have you seen their Instagram account?

Fred Aldous: Art and Craft Supplies

2. Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Every artist should go here, you cannot fail to be inspired. Housed in a Victorian  fish market built in 1873 (sounds cool already), this is home to seriously talented designers, artists and craftspeople. Each is tucked away in a cosy unit which you are welcome to pop into and explore. Studios house jewellery makers, ceramicists, painters, glass-blowers and illustrators.

The centre takes an active part in the makers’ community. They have a dedicated ‘Makers Network Blog’ to help craftspeople sell their work, excel at social media and meet other likeminded artists. This is a community of makers which feels intimate and welcoming. It also has a fab cafe.

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

3. Whitworth Gallery

We will admit that there was a bit of a gap between our 2 most recent visits to this gallery. While we hang our heads in shame, it does mean that we can fully appreciate the changes that have taken place over the last few years. And there have been changes aplenty!

The Whitworth is conscious of it’s cultural heritage and social responsibilities. The reflection of society’s changing attitudes is clearly paramount to the gallery. Their priorities are apparent in the breadth of exhibitions taking place within the gallery spaces. Current exhibitions include:

Four Corners of One Cloth – Textiles from the Islamic World

The Reno at The Whitworth – Exploring the Reno nightclub- a popular venue for mixed-race Mancunians in the 1970s and 80s.

Bodies of Colour – Exploring wallpaper as a contributor to racist visual histories.

Facing Out – Life after treatment for facial cancer, an exhibition of portraits

Prints of Darkness: Goya and Hogarth in a Time of Europe Turmoil – an exhibition timed to coincide with Britain’s efforts to leave the EU.

All this and we haven’t even mentioned the gallery’s £15 million redevelopment in 2015 which doubled the size of the gallery and married the gallery with the surrounding Whitworth Park to beautiful effect.

Whitworth Art Gallery

4. MIF Manchester International Festival

Not so much a place to visit but the now biennial festival is certainly worth talking about. This year the festival is taking place between 4th and 21st July and we cannot wait – a full post will follow! Festivals typically include music, visual arts, including theatre and art exhibitions, dance and film, talks and walks. This year includes The Nico Project inspired by her 1968 album ‘The Marble Index’, a solo show by Anna Calvi and David Lynch will be taking over HOME with a programme of art, films and music. We cannot wait.

MIF Manchester International Festival

manchester international festival david lynch

[Speaking of…]


A centre for international art, in the last 4 years HOME has already become one of Manchester’s leading cultural venues. You should go to see the exhibition spaces, the cafe, the screening rooms, the staircases, the big neon sign, the toilets. It’s on Tony Wilson Place and it’s also open really late. Everything here is cool.

HOME Manchester

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The Best Place To Buy Art Online?

The best place to buy art online is one which hand-picks high quality artwork.

We have over 10,000 pieces of art on our website and we have chosen each and every one of them. Jan, our Creative Director, loves art like no-one else. She loves paintings, sculpture, modern art, the Pre-Raphaelites, Renaissance, Impressionism, abstract art, Hyper-Realism, Art Deco, Pop Art…the list goes on! This is not to say that she isn’t also very picky. It was decided when we first set up Rippingham Art that Jan was going to have the final say on whether a piece was included for sale. Each and every one must get her seal of approval. This does not merely mean choosing pieces that she likes herself, but ones that reflect the quality of the site as a whole. We receive new submissions daily and Jan does the thumbs up or thumbs down – watch out, gladiators!

Jan also updates the ‘We Recommend’ section on our homepage daily with some of her favourite artwork that she thinks you’ll love.

recommended artwork for sale

We also want to make it easy to find that perfect piece once you are here. We have upgraded our search function to a google-style autocomplete search which makes suggestions as you type. There are several different search results displayed. The first is the artist. Have you seen a piece by an artist that you love and want to see more of their work? Perhaps you are a collector and want another piece to add to your collection? Next our search will conjure up the names of specific pieces of artwork, just in case you know the specific one that you are looking for. You can also search by subject matter, categories of work such as ‘abstract’ or ‘figurative’ and lastly by tag. All artists must now tag their work as they upload it to the site. This makes it easier to find and also groups similar works together. Simply click on the tag within an artwork to bring up more pieces with the same tag. Simple.

rippingham art search function

We also encourage our artists to use ‘in situ’ images to show what the artwork might look like if placed in a room. We find these enormously helpful. There is no better way to imagine what a piece will look like than to see it in a room, even if it is not your own! (Incidentally, we are able to pop an artwork into a photograph of your own room if you want to experience an ultra-realistic representation.) We do ask artists to ensure that the ‘in situ’ paintings/prints are to scale.

cigarette break painting by frederic belaubre

As an online gallery, Rippingham Art is able to offer a huge variety of artwork that would simply not be possible in a physical gallery. Each artist holds their own work in their studio until we sell it so we have artwork for sale across the whole country! This means that we can offer large pieces, little pieces, expensive statement artworks and a large choice of much more affordable paintings and prints too.

All this being said, we know that sometimes online purchases, like shop bought items, don’t quite meet requirements. We offer a 14 day returns policy. We will refund an artwork returned to the artist within 14 days of delivery and in its original condition.

There is yet another wonderful reason to buy art online. Many of our extremely talented artists will be more than happy (seriously thrilled in fact) to paint you your very own commission. If you love their style but can’t quite find the right piece, or maybe it has sold (just missed out?) then let us know. Tell us the style, colours and size that you fancy and we will contact the artist for you. You could be on your way to having your very own 100% bespoke artwork!

artist michelle carolan at work

Did we mention free UK shipping?!

The best place to buy art online? That’s us! Reporting for duty.

Happy browsing!

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Discover Paintings Online – Art Under £100

Find a piece of original art you love for under £100.

We know what it’s like, you want to spruce up your home but you don’t want to spend a fortune! When you’re just looking for that special little (or large) piece of art you want to know that you can bring it in on budget. Art under £100? Sorted. We have a large range of original paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramic pieces for under £100. We have gathered together a few of our favourite pieces of affordable art:


floral bee painting by lucy moore

‘Bee Happy #2’ by Lucy Moore £60

Original painting of a meadow full of flowers populated by bees going about their business. Textured artwork in acrylics on canvas board. 25cm x 25cm

abstract landscape painting by jan rippingham

‘Down By The River’ by Jan Rippingham £90

Painted in acrylics on canvas, this painting is a bold and colourful representation of  a landscape in the abstract style 40 x 40cm

padstow artwork by artist shirley netherton

‘Padstow’ by Shirley Netherton £45

Mounted Giclee print of this beautiful Cornish fishing village in the naive style 37.5 x 25.5

print for sale by hilke mcintyre

‘Cupcake With Cherry’ by Hilke McIntyre £55

Original linocut print, from an edition of 50. Figurative artwork in Hilke’s distinctive style 20 x 20 cm

peter walters print of jane austen

‘Chocolate With Austen’ by Peter Walters £35

Limited edition run of 50 prints on 190gsm fine art paper. One of a number of works by Peter Walters which feature literary themes. This one depicts Pride And Prejudice with a bar of chocolate – an indulgent afternoon! 20 x 20 cm

fibonacci sequence sculpture in wood

‘Fibonacci 8.2’ by David Boyd £99

An oak sculpture of spheres representing the Fibonacci sequence which occurs regularly in nature. Both the spheres and the distances between the spheres follow the sequence. 35 x 10.5 cm

organic turquoise ceramic vase for sale

‘Organic Form, Turquoise’ by Keith Menear £39

An organic seed pod made from stoneware clay. The artwork is decorated with a matt turquoise glaze.  7 x 18 cm

Browse our full range of Art Under £100  and discover paintings online that you’ll love!

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Elephant Art For Sale

buy original elephant art at rippingham art

At Rippingham Art we find elephants to be a very popular subject matter, and rightly so. Who isn’t inspired by their grace, strength and power?

Elephants are also still under threat and need our help to conserve them and their habitats.

Animal art is one of our best-selling categories and we have gathered together a few of our favourite elephant paintings, prints and sculptures to inspire you.

elephant painting in acrylics for sale

‘Teal And Gold Elephant (Large)’  by Irina Rumyantseva £395

A mixed media collage using acrylic paints and gold leaf. A semi-abstract elephant painting on deep edge canvas. Ready to hang.

african elephant photograph for sale

‘Mono Close Up of Half African Elephant Head’ Photograph by Nick Dale £1495

A striking shot of an African elephant staring straight into the camera. The wrinkled skin and long tusk clearly visible. Shot with a Nikon D810 in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

playful elephant painting by jean tatton jones

‘Playful Elephant’  by Jean Tatton Jones £80

Delicate watercolour painting for sale with light brushstrokes and playful, cheeery colours to capture the mischievous nature of the elephant.

colourful semi abstract elephant painting

‘Elephant Original Abstract Animal Art Print’ by Stuart Wright £49

Stunning print of 3 elephants crossing the African plains against a colourful semi-abstract blue, turquoise and pink sky

bronze elephant sculpture for sale

‘Elephant Calf’ by Elliot Channer

Elephant sculpture cast in solid bronze. Limited edition of 12

wire elephant sculpture for sale

‘Elleo’ by Vitalie Nastas £890

Original elephant sculpture created using 96 m of wire which has been coated with paint and UV varnish. An amazing piece of wall art sculpture to liven up an interior

We have a large range of art depicting elephants, and we hope you can find one to suit your home and also your budget as we have many affordable paintings and prints for sale.

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Night-time Cityscapes For Sale

trafalgar square at night painting by darren andrews

There’s something about a city at night.. The mystery, the night life, the bustle and lights or even the eerie absence of people that make them so alluring. Paintings of cities at night is a popular subject matter and at Rippingham Art we have plenty to choose from! Our talented artists find this theme as tempting to paint as any of the great artists who have produced artwork along these lines. Here we are thinking of Van Gogh, Turner and Whistler to name a few. We have cityscape at night in different painting sizes and to suit all budgets so we hope you’ll find an artwork to suit your budget. Pick your favourite city and browse..enjoy!

Here are a few of our favourite night-time cityscapes on the site:

painting of london at night with big ben

‘London at Night, Big Ben and The Number 159’ by Darren Andrews £140

An original painting in acrylics of Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and a classic routemaster bus no. 159. It shows that London never sleeps. Despite the late-night timing of the piece, buses continue to travel and cars still pass over the bridge.

new york city skyline at night painting

‘New York City Skyline’ by Adriana Dziuba £395

Original painting of New York capturing the city’s vibrance. Painted with heavily applied acrylic paint and a palette knife to give an Impressionistic quality. Semi abstract painting on deep edge canvas. Adriana loves to capture to way that the bright lights reflect on the water, giving the painting an atmospheric feel.


painting of westminster at night by artist will moody

‘Westminster at Night’ by Artist Will Moody £120.

A night scene of The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge painted in oil on canvas. The artist has captured the reflections of the buildings and the purple sky in the River Thames.

night time cityscape by artist ewa Czarniecka

‘Winter Escape (Very Large) by Ewa Czarniecka £1950

We do not know the city  but we still recognise the scene. People huddled under umbrellas as they rush between buildings. A heavily textured original painting using a palette knife and brushes to create this atmospheric artwork.

reading bridge at night painting by artist richard picton

‘Reading Bridge at Night’ by Richard Picton £200

An evening scene of Reading Bridge with The River Thames flowing beneath it. An atmospheric original painting on deep edge canvas.

night tie cityscape photography for sale

‘Cityscape at Night ii’ by Photographer Liz C £95

High quality gloss print of one of a series of cityscape photographs capturing the movement and bustle of the city.



(Top featured image by Darren Andrews)

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Prints of Darkness: Goya and Hogarth in a Time of European Turmoil

Already a huge fan of Hogarth’s work, I was thrilled to discover ‘Print of Darkness’ on a recent trip to The Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.

‘Prints of Darkness’ focuses on the work of William Hogarth and Francisco de Goya Lucientes. Both artists used their work as a form of social commentary, drawing attention to poverty, warfare, homelessness, alcoholism, corruption, disease and racism.

Hogarth was initially apprenticed as a silver engraver, having grown up in poverty. He was a talented artist and businessman and soon turned his attentions to printmaking as a way of expressing himself, showcasing his work to a wide audience and making money.

Goya was influenced by Hogarth, having seen his prints at his patron Sebastian Martinez’s home whilst recuperating from illness in 1793. At this time Spain was dominated by the interests of the Catholic Church and Monarchy and liberals like Goya fought for reform. His prints reflect his feelings, and he continued to produce them late into his life despite being plagued by mental and physical illness.

rake's progress engraving print by hogarth

‘The Rake’s Progress’ 1735. Hogarth pioneered the serial print format and called his series ‘progresses’ to reflect the movement of the central characters through their lives in a physical, social and moral sense. This series charts the life of Tom Rakewell. He inherits his father’s fortune but succumbs to materialism and is consumed by gambling and alcoholism, eventually ending up in a psychiatric hospital.

gin lane engraving print by hogarth

‘Gin Lane’ 1751. Alcoholism was a huge social problem in the eighteenth century and in this print Hogarth has created a nightmarish scene full of gin-crazed people. The print shows crime, corpses and diseased people willing to put gin before anything else – the lady in the foreground is willing to let her baby fall to the ground. Infant mortality was another result of the huge consumption of gin.

goya engraving print

As Goya grew older his subject matter became darker. This print is from ‘Los Disparates’, Goya’s final print series made between 1815 and 1823. The series is difficult to interpret, involving dark, grotesque figures in bleak, unrecognisable landscapes; perhaps reflecting the deterioration of  Goya’s own state of mind.

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Panoramic Paintings For Sale

room for a panoramic painting

It’s that space above your sofa..the perfect spot for a panoramic painting. We’ve noticed a bit of a trend for this style recently. A useful piece of art! If you’re looking to buy a new painting then you’re in the right place. We have different sizes available and paintings and prints for every budget.

Here are a few of our favourites which are available to buy on the site:

home shores panoramic painting

‘Home Shore’ by Kalpana Soanes. Abstract seascape in panoramic style 100 x 40 cm £525

restoration panoramic painting by melanie graham

‘Restoration’ by Melanie Graham 120 x 50 cm. Acrylic on canvas £495

paresh nrshinga panoramic painting

‘Chamber of Thoughts’ by Paresh Nrshinga. Original abstract painting on canvas 183 x 91 cm £1595

lucy moore panoramic painting

‘Twilight Meadows’ by Lucy Moore. Vibrant abstract meadow painting 91 x 35 cm £200

tom kennedy panoramic leaf painting

‘Kaleidoscope’ by Tom Kennedy. A panoramic box canvas painting to brighten up any room 100 x30 cm. £395

If you are thinking of buying a panoramic painting it is worth considering the shape and size of the furniture in your room to make sure it will work. Sometimes a square piece is more appropriate, but sometimes panoramic art is the perfect fit! It can draw the eye across the room whilst also making a great focal point. We hope you enjoy browsing these pieces of artwork and find something that’s just right.

View more panoramic paintings