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Buy Art Inspired By Turner

buy painting inspired by turner

The 2019 Turner Prize nominees have been announced today and we thought that this was a great opportunity to showcase some of the brilliant artwork on the site inspired by Turner himself.

The Turner Prize is an annual prize awarded to a British Artist for visual art. The Tate Gallery is responsible for awarding the prize which has been given since 1984. The prize was named after J M W Turner because, despite the fact that he is now considered one of Britain’s greatest artists, he was considered controversial by his contemporaries. His new approach to landscape painting was to dramatically alter the course of landscape painting by elevating it as a subject matter. This aligns with the Turner Prize’s objective – to honour an artist whose work may be seen as controversial but who aspires to change the course of art history. Famous controversial examples include ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living’ by Damien Hirst (a shark suspended in formaldehyde) and ‘My Bed’ by Tracey Emin.

Previous winners have included Howard Hodgkin, Gilbert & George, Anish Kapoor, Antony Gormley and Grayson Perry.

This year’s nominees are Lawrence Abu Hamdan for his films and installations, Helen Cammock, film-maker, Tai Shani, installation artist, and Oscar Murillo for his semi abstract paintings.

Turner’s influence has been long-lasting and his work has inspired many artists. We have many original paintings for sale on the site inspired by Turner. We have selected a few here:

gates of heaven painting inspired by turner

‘Gates of Heaven’ by Lesley Blackburn. A large seascape oil painting in an Impressionist style £550

almost heaven painting inspired by turner

‘Almost Heaven’ by Maxine Martin. Impressionist seascape on canvas £180

silver lining alison johnson inspired by turner

‘Silver Lining’ by Alison Johnson. Original oil painting £1800

renaissance land painting inspired by turner

‘Renaissance Land’ by IsoBella. Abstract landscape painting inspired by the techniques of the old masters and Turner specifically £300

awakening original painting by gill luff

‘The Awakening IV (Large)’ by Gill Luff . Impressionist oil painting £850

Maybe you feel inspired to buy an original painting inspired by the art of Turner and bring a little Victorian controversy into your home!

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New Art For May

The first May Bank Holiday is fast approaching and for many of us that means a spring clean, DIY, buying new plants and sprucing up the walls with some new art.

We have just redecorated our office and what a difference it makes! We have changed the art around (yes, we have lots hanging here, too!) and rediscovered some of our favourite artwork by our own talented artists. We have gathered a few new paintings here to inspire you..

abstract landscape painting for sale by isobella at rippingham art

This original painting by IsoBella is inspired by Turner and is part of a series which explores the techniques used by the old masters in their landscape paintings.

surrey landscape painting for sale by jan rippingham

‘Surrey Landscape VIII’ by Jan Rippingham is an Impressionistic painting in acrylic on canvas depicting a field of bluebells on a Surrey field.

abstract floral painting for sale by michelle carolan

‘Confetti Summer’ by Michelle Carolan. This abstract floral painting is inspired by the blossom falling from the tree.

These paintings all have a bright, fresh feel to them and would be perfect pieces of artwork to spruce up a room in time for summer. See all our original paintings for sale

Browse Original Paintings 

There is sure to be an artwork that is just right for your space size, whether it be large, small or panoramic. We also have a large range of art to suit all budgets.

Bring on the Bank Holiday!

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Art Gifts for Easter

Easter is fast approaching and as well as chocolate, and a long weekend, our mind has also turned to Easter artwork. Whether you are sprucing up your home for spring or fancy a piece of original art to give as an Easter gift, we have found a few pieces which are sure to inspire you.

We have a large range of artwork to suit all tastes and budgets. From Prints to Original Paintings, you’ll be able to find the perfect Easter Gift. As well as the artwork below, we have a large range of ‘Spring’ themed art which you may also wish to browse.

Our first original painting is by Zoe Norman dipSBA(dist). It is an original watercolour painting of Easter eggs and beautiful Spode teacups. The blue and white has been carefully captured in stunning detail and the painting also includes a bunch of daffodils in full bloom.

easter aggs and daffodils

‘Spode Teacups and Eggs’ £159

Which brings us to our next piece ‘The Joy of Daffodils’. This is a floral artwork depicting a field of daffodils by artist Cinzia Mancini. It is a heavily textured painting in acrylic paints on canvas. Bright yellow flowers sit amid a wild meadow and a blue, purple and white sky. The daffodils really ‘pop’ from the painting making it an eye-catching piece.

Heavily textured daffodil painting

‘The Joy of Daffodils’ £200

We said that we were thinking of Easter joys other than chocolate but we couldn’t resist sneaking one chocolate-themed artwork in. ‘Box of Chocolates’ by Darren Baker is a a realistic fine art painting of a treasure chest of chocolate! Are those Easter eggs that we can see? This painting was inspired by the Still Life paintings of the Dutch masters.

box of chocolates painting

‘Box of Chocolates’ £9000

A really fun one to finish.. Which animal do we most closely associate with Easter – the hare! Here we have ‘Mad Hare Day’ by artist Sam Fenner. This bright Limited Edition Giclee print can’t fail to raise a smile! It is part of Sam Fenner’s Quirky Animal Series and taken from an original painting.

painting of hare

‘Mad Hare Day’ £75

To celebrate we are having an Easter Sale and offering a discount of 10% off all artwork until 22nd April. To apply discount simply enter EASTER10 at checkout.

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The Art World Sends Its Love

Art postcards

The art world is talking postcards. Not the ones from the gift shop but bona fide small pieces of art by acclaimed artists.

Jeremy Cooper has been collecting them for years. He left his job at Sotheby’s because he became disillusioned with the increasing price of art and the obsession over how much a piece is ‘worth’.

Postcards are different, they offer a small window into the artist’s mind. Jeremy has loaned his 1000 strong collection of postcards to The British Museum so hat we can all marvel at the small.

Read more about this story in The Guardian

The free exhibition at The British Museum runs from 7th February 2019 until 4th August 2019

British Museum

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Street Art in Florence

Florence aerial view

From Michelangelo and Raphael to Blub. How Florence’s Street Art became its latest attraction..

The city now has a flourishing street art scene which includes graffiti, poetry and paintings on just about every corner.

‘A Student’s Guide to Street Art in Florence’ highlights some of the most well-known street artists working in this beautiful city..

Read ‘A Student’s Guide to Street Art in Florence’ by CAPA World

street art florence


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Shaun Hall and the Art of Raku

Raku is a style of pottery firing which involves quickly heating wares in a kiln normally fired outdoors. Traditionally kilns were fuelled by split wood or coal, but many Potters today use Propane Gas, as the temperature can be controlled more easily.

Shaun works with copper matt fumed Raku, this is an erratic and unique technique which is notoriously difficult to master. This is also part of its’ elusive charm, ensuring that each pot is a unique piece.
His work is sculptural in form, and developed from the Jug shape which was his take on the still life- and became a sort of totemic or non-functional form.

Watch a short clip of Shaun unloading his Raku pots from the Raku kiln




Shaun has been working primarily in raku fired ceramic since 1998.
He has exhibited with amongst others, Handmade in Britain and Art in Clay and sold his graduate work to Selfridges. Shaun’s work can be seen in galleries around England and Wales, and he continues to pursue the spontaneity of Raku. Looking to the future he is investigating stoneware and volcanic textural surfaces.

View Shaun’s work on the site

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William Morris Gallery

william morris gallery

A trip to Walthamstow led to a visit to the William Morris Gallery. I have inherited my liking of his prints from my parents (and I have photos of the sofa to prove it..)

A great insight into the ethos behind the original Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co and their Continue reading William Morris Gallery

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Artist Gill Bustamante – TV Ads

Starting on May 9th 2016, four of my Summer themed paintings are being used in a TV ad which is running during Good Morning Plus on ITV. The ad is for Opticrom eye drops who are sponsoring the program so their ads feature at beginning of ad breaks and at the ends. Four different paintings were used showing a figure magically appearing out of the background and rubbing their eyes which smears the face paint they were wearing to cleverly highlight how summer can cause itchy eyes!

The thing happened out of the blue when a nice lady who works for ITV was looking for ‘summer themed’ paintings and had found me on an artist’s directory website.  She contacted me because some of my paintings are of flower meadows and are large.  I did not get paid as such but what she did was buy 4 prints of the paintings from Point 101 (who are a great fine art printers I use to fulfil my print orders) and these were large enough for the actual filming. Afterwards, she gave me the 4 prints which I can sell.

No-one will know the paintings in the ads are mine but it has made my parents happy and is a nice thing to add to my news site so it was good. It may be encouraging to other artists that simply continuing to keep putting your name out there does sometimes pay off!

On an interesting aside – two of the paintings featured in the ads sold in the first week the ads began to run even though the buyers had not seen the ad and I had, in fact, painted them over a year ago – spooky eh?


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The Art Fund Prize 2015

The Museum of the Year Prize has been awarded to the Whitworth Art Gallery! The award was founded to celebrate the best museums and galleries across the UK, rewarding  excellence, innovation and imagination. The Whitworth will receive £100,000.
The 6 finalists this year were as follows:
1. Dunham Massey
During the First World War this Georgian House was transformed into the Stamford Military Hospital by the Grey family. The house has been returned to its former status to mark the centenary of the original hospital being founded.
2. Recently reopened Imperial War Museum
The Imperial War Museum London re-opened in July 2014 to mark the centenary of the First World War and now includes the First World War Galleries. The galleries include a Harrier Jet and a Spitfire.
3. MAC – Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast
Belfast’s new art venue which opened in 2012 and includes three art galleries, two theatres, a family room, an artist-in-residence studio, workshop spaces and a café/bar.
4. Oxford University Museum of Natural History
To celebrate their nomination, the museum has decided to send it iconic Dodo on a week long trail from Land’s End to John O’ Groats!
5 The Tower of London
Who can forget the stunning installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower in 2014. 888,246 ceramic red poppies represented fallen British and colonial servicemen.
6 The Whitworth
The gallery underwent a radical £15 million transformation  in 2014 and doubled in size. The gallery first opened in 1889 for ‘the perpetual gratification of the people of Manchester’. That idea has been retained throughout the history of the Museum. During the renovation the Museum experimented with pop-up exhibitions which helped to achieve record-breaking visitor numbers once the galleries re-opened.
Stephen Deuchar, director of the Art Fund, said: ‘The transformation of the Whitworth – architecturally, curatorially, and as a destination – has been one of the great museum achievements of recent years.”
The Art Fund Museum of the Year