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Submission Advice

  • You can submit as many pieces of artwork as you like,with up to 4 images for each piece. The first being the main image, and up to 3 further thumbnail images to show detail etc. We find that paintings which have additional side views, details and, where possible, ‘in situ’ images have a considerably increased chance of selling.
  • Under the heading ‘Price & Details’ there is also an Attributes tab, allowing you to add media, surface, and style to each piece of artwork.
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Note to our Artists

If any of our artists would like to write a blog about the processes used in creating their artwork, we would really appreciate it. It would  give our customers an insight as to how different types of artwork are produced, whilst being of interest to other artists and customers alike.
Many Thanks
Jan & David
Thanks to Shaun Hall for a fascinating and informative write up