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How Do I Commission Artwork?

Excellent question! We want to make it easy for your to commission artwork by our talented artists. Most of our artists are more than happy to paint commissions so get in touch! We’ll take you through the process. For further information see our full article on Commissioning Artwork

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The Best Place To Buy Art Online?

The best place to buy art online is one which hand-picks high quality artwork.

We have over 10,000 pieces of art on our website and we have chosen each and every one of them. Jan, our Creative Director, loves art like no-one else. She loves paintings, sculpture, modern art, the Pre-Raphaelites, Renaissance, Impressionism, abstract art, Hyper-Realism, Art Deco, Pop Art…the list goes on! This is not to say that she isn’t also very picky. It was decided when we first set up Rippingham Art that Jan was going to have the final say on whether a piece was included for sale. Each and every one must get her seal of approval. This does not merely mean choosing pieces that she likes herself, but ones that reflect the quality of the site as a whole. We receive new submissions daily and Jan does the thumbs up or thumbs down – watch out, gladiators!

Jan also updates the ‘We Recommend’ section on our homepage daily with some of her favourite artwork that she thinks you’ll love.

recommended artwork for sale

We also want to make it easy to find that perfect piece once you are here. We have upgraded our search function to a google-style autocomplete search which makes suggestions as you type. There are several different search results displayed. The first is the artist. Have you seen a piece by an artist that you love and want to see more of their work? Perhaps you are a collector and want another piece to add to your collection? Next our search will conjure up the names of specific pieces of artwork, just in case you know the specific one that you are looking for. You can also search by subject matter, categories of work such as ‘abstract’ or ‘figurative’ and lastly by tag. All artists must now tag their work as they upload it to the site. This makes it easier to find and also groups similar works together. Simply click on the tag within an artwork to bring up more pieces with the same tag. Simple.

rippingham art search function

We also encourage our artists to use ‘in situ’ images to show what the artwork might look like if placed in a room. We find these enormously helpful. There is no better way to imagine what a piece will look like than to see it in a room, even if it is not your own! (Incidentally, we are able to pop an artwork into a photograph of your own room if you want to experience an ultra-realistic representation.) We do ask artists to ensure that the ‘in situ’ paintings/prints are to scale.

cigarette break painting by frederic belaubre

As an online gallery, Rippingham Art is able to offer a huge variety of artwork that would simply not be possible in a physical gallery. Each artist holds their own work in their studio until we sell it so we have artwork for sale across the whole country! This means that we can offer large pieces, little pieces, expensive statement artworks and a large choice of much more affordable paintings and prints too.

All this being said, we know that sometimes online purchases, like shop bought items, don’t quite meet requirements. We offer a 14 day returns policy. We will refund an artwork returned to the artist within 14 days of delivery and in its original condition.

There is yet another wonderful reason to buy art online. Many of our extremely talented artists will be more than happy (seriously thrilled in fact) to paint you your very own commission. If you love their style but can’t quite find the right piece, or maybe it has sold (just missed out?) then let us know. Tell us the style, colours and size that you fancy and we will contact the artist for you. You could be on your way to having your very own 100% bespoke artwork!

artist michelle carolan at work

Did we mention free UK shipping?!

The best place to buy art online? That’s us! Reporting for duty.

Happy browsing!

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The Right Backdrop

Framed Abstract Painting Dark Wall

Do you buy the painting to fit the wall or change the wall to fit the painting?

Is the colour behind the painting as important as the frame which it sits in?

The artwork needs to feel at home, complemented by its surroundings, not overwhelmed by them, and this means careful consideration of the above.

This article from The New York Times written by Michelle Higgins seeks to answer this question. She consults colour consultants from major art galleries and  interior designers to seek out the perfect way to show off your artworks best features. It also discusses why white may not always be the answer and how even the finish on the wall, matt, gloss or flat, can affect how a painting hangs.

‘The Right Backdrop for Art is Bold. Or Maybe It’s Neutral’ by Michelle Higgins

The New York Times.

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Search Tips

search tips

Try our new improved search function. You can now use our Keyword Search box to filter by;

  • Artwork Title
  • Artist Name
  • Style for example, ‘Abstract’, ‘Surreal’ or ‘Fine Art’ for Original Paintings. ‘Raku’ for Ceramics.

  • Medium for example, ‘Oil’ or ‘Watercolour’ for Original Paintings, and ‘Bronze’ or ‘Stoneware’ for Sculpture.

  • Surface for example ‘Box Canvas’ or ‘Watercolour Paper’.

  • Subject Matter for example ‘Still Life’, ‘Boats’, ‘Gardens’ or a place name.

  • Colour.

For best search results we recommend keeping the search term as short as possible. For example, searching for ‘surreal’ to bring up results for ‘surreal’, ‘surrealist’, ‘surrealism’ etc.

If you are looking for larger works of art / statement pieces, just click here.

Browse by Price

You can also search by Price within each category. Simply move the slider to refine the search by your chosen price range. Greater accuracy can be achieved by using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.