Artworks Under £100


London Festive Lights C01N07 By Irina Rumyantseva £79

Morning Melody By Shazia Basheer £35

Secret Garden (framed) By Shazia Basheer £80

Happy Dance (framed) By Shazia Basheer £80

Pipe and Baskervilles. Limited edition print By Peter Walters £30

Abstract Floral IV By Jan Rippingham £85

Calm on the Water By Julia Everett £95

Estuary at Nightfall By Fergus McLachlan £75

Reflective Sky (framed) By Michelle Gibbs £75

Poppies (framed) By Mary Kemp £85
Yorkshire Landscape in Summer (framed) By Mary Kemp £85

Paris C01N02 By Irina Rumyantseva £95

Low Tide, St Ives by Shirley Netherton £45

Beautiful Books. Limited edition print By Peter Walters £40

Leonardo Baa Vinci. Limited edition print By Mervyn Tay £45

Surface #5 By Carolynne Coulson £95

Hotter Than July By Sally Kelly £95

Just the two of us#3 By Lucy Moore £50

Cupcake with Cherry. Limited edition print By Hilke MacIntyre £55

Raku Style Chawan 1 By Shaun Hall £39.99

Another Quiet Afternoon By Theo Booth £70

Viol By Zhana Viel £98

Penguin Collection By Peter Walters £35

Against All Odds 2 By Melanie Graham £75

Mini Blooms 13 By Michelle Carolan £50

Gift Vouchers (available £5 – £1000)

Raku Pottery Menhir By Shaun Hall £95

Vrees (limited edition print) By Zhana Viel £35

Scarlet and Blue Yachts (limited edition print) By Sarah Blakey £80

Autumn Leaves Feast By Cinzia Mancini £70

Raku Pottery Tapered Bowl 1 By Shaun Hall £44.99

New York Express 12 By Irina Rumyantseva £79

Cuppa By Zhana Viel £98

Nativity 9 By Hilke MacIntyre £70

Pearl Batch No.9 (framed) By Liz McDonough £60

Abstract with Hints of Gold (framed) By Mark Anthony Buckley £99

Mustard Yellow Fields at Oundle (framed) By Mary Kemp £85

The Velveteen Rabbit (limited edition print) By Peter Walters £35

Chocolate with Austen. Limited edition print By Peter Walters £35

Still Life with Tulips and Pears By Jan Rippingham £95

Running Hare Candle Screen (glass) By Jackie Simmonds £85

Lagos Boats with Red Sky (limited edition print)  By Liz Allen £49

Norfolk Coastal Village – Framed. By Mary Kemp £85

Love’s Dreams By Amanda Horvath £70

Ewe Tree By Mervyn Tay (Limited edition print) £60

Autumnal Silver Birch 2 By Jan Rippingham £90

Gift Vouchers (Available £5 – £1000)

Norfolk Sandy Beach (framed) By Mary Kemp £85

Love and Strong Coffee (Limited edition print) by Peter Walters £35

Tenby South Beach By NSFineArtStudio £35

How does your garden grow By Lucy Moore £50

The Village Bench (giclée print) By Shirley Netherton £45

Sax By Zhana Viel £98

Backstage By Theo Booth £70

Indian Elephant 3 By Irina Rumyantseva £85

Going Beyond (framed) By Michelle Gibbs £89

The White Cottage By Jan Rippingham £90

Medium Raku Bowl By Shaun Hall £75.99

Red Floral Still Life By Jan Rippingham £95

Dickensian Delight By Peter Walters £35

New Year’s Eve (Framed) By Shazia Basheer £40

Flow By Michelle Carolan £80

A Summer Garden 6 By Jan Rippingham £95

Large Tapered Raku Bowl By Shaun Hall £95.99

Tribal Women of Africa C01N02 By Irina Rumyantseva £79

Boats at St Winnow By Shirley Netherton £45