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A London exhibition which starts today seeks to combat the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder through the medium of art. A series of artists personally affected by SAD have been commissioned by Studio C&C to create artworks to help combat symptoms of the disorder which affects between 5- 10% of the population.
One piece of work included in the project is a sheet of blotting paper soaked in Vitamin D, which is lacking when we are not exposed to sunlight, whilst others are simply intended to inspire cheer.
Symptoms of SAD are generally caused by lack of sunlight and so are heightened during winter months. Those affected can suffer from depression, lack of motivation and decreased energy levels.
The launch event itself is set to be a kind of escapism from winter and a chance to view the artwork as well as the accompanying ‘SAD Rescue Pack’ book, ¬†which has been compiled by the participating artists.
The exhibition runs from Thursday 19th Feb until Sunday 22nd Feb at Protein Gallery Space, London.
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