How to Commission Artwork

Commission Artwork

Commissioning an outstanding piece of original artwork needn’t be difficult. Whether you already have a specific idea for a piece or are unsure of your desired result, Rippingham Art can help. Many of our experienced artists are delighted to take on commissions to help you create the perfect artwork for your particular space. It is a chance to fuse an artist’s existing style with the perimeters of your existing space.

If you are unsure as to what will suit your space we will be more than happy to help advise you. Whether you are looking to commission artwork for your home or workplace, upon viewing your space we will be able to recommend artists, show you samples of work from the site, and give you advice on colours and styles.

If you already have inspiration, be it from an unforgettable memory, a person, place or theme, we can help match you with an artist who will be perfect for your idea. Alternatively you may have already seen an artist’s work that you love, and wish to commission artwork in a similar style but perhaps with different colours or in a different size.

The artwork will be a carefully constructed collaboration between you and the artist. Timescales and budget will be discussed at the beginning of the process and we can also arrange for photographs of the work to be sent to you by the artist as the work progresses.

If you have any questions or wish to commission artwork, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Paresh Nrshinga Commission

Artwork by Paresh Nrshinga

Examples of work by some of our featured artists:

Paul Chambers

I have been creating abstract and impressionistic artworks mainly for sale on-line. Most of my paintings are in acrylic paint on canvas, and generally my abstract paintings have no titles. I just number them instead.

Stewart Wilson

A unique style which is probably down to using only my left hand fingers and a knife in my right hand.  I now sell worldwide but the majority of my work is working on commissions for both private and corporate clients.

Paresh Nrshinga

His paintings are popular and continue to offer a unique experience of spirituality, music and passion through a journey of emotions and colours.

Alison Johnson

Her work reflects experiences, which explore the power of nature and layers of inter-connectivity, anatomy, mortality and the fragility of life. She loves to create work that is decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural. Alison layers her paint, building gestural marks.

Caroline Ashwood

Her work is featured in many private collections worldwide and she has exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the UK.

Julia Everett

Julia is an abstract landscape painter and her studio by the Thames in West London is a location that inspires  a  lot of her  work. Her use of vivid colours, combined  with  the influence  of  music, produce vibrant and dynamic paintings.

Victoria Horkan

Victoria Horkan Victoria Horkan’s work offers a bold, vibrant and expressive milieu of forms and colours that falls somewhere between the realms of impressionism, abstraction and expressionism.

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