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Art Gifts for Easter

Easter is fast approaching and as well as chocolate, and a long weekend, our mind has also turned to Easter artwork. Whether you are sprucing up your home for spring or fancy a piece of original art to give as an Easter gift, we have found a few pieces which are sure to inspire you.

We have a large range of artwork to suit all tastes and budgets. From Prints to Original Paintings, you’ll be able to find the perfect Easter Gift. As well as the artwork below, we have a large range of ‘Spring’ themed art which you may also wish to browse.

Our first original painting is by Zoe Norman dipSBA(dist). It is an original watercolour painting of Easter eggs and beautiful Spode teacups. The blue and white has been carefully captured in stunning detail and the painting also includes a bunch of daffodils in full bloom.

easter aggs and daffodils

‘Spode Teacups and Eggs’ £159

Which brings us to our next piece ‘The Joy of Daffodils’. This is a floral artwork depicting a field of daffodils by artist Cinzia Mancini. It is a heavily textured painting in acrylic paints on canvas. Bright yellow flowers sit amid a wild meadow and a blue, purple and white sky. The daffodils really ‘pop’ from the painting making it an eye-catching piece.

Heavily textured daffodil painting

‘The Joy of Daffodils’ £200

We said that we were thinking of Easter joys other than chocolate but we couldn’t resist sneaking one chocolate-themed artwork in. ‘Box of Chocolates’ by Darren Baker is a a realistic fine art painting of a treasure chest of chocolate! Are those Easter eggs that we can see? This painting was inspired by the Still Life paintings of the Dutch masters.

box of chocolates painting

‘Box of Chocolates’ £9000

A really fun one to finish.. Which animal do we most closely associate with Easter – the hare! Here we have ‘Mad Hare Day’ by artist Sam Fenner. This bright Limited Edition Giclee print can’t fail to raise a smile! It is part of Sam Fenner’s Quirky Animal Series and taken from an original painting.

painting of hare

‘Mad Hare Day’ £75

To celebrate we are having an Easter Sale and offering a discount of 10% off all artwork until 22nd April. To apply discount simply enter EASTER10 at checkout.

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