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Discover Paintings Online – Floral Art

floral paintings

This is a huge category! Who doesn’t love looking at beautiful flowers? They can brighten up any room with their  cheery dispositions. We have a wealth of floral artwork, from realist to semi-abstract paintings and prints. Let’s dive in!

michelle carolan floral painting

‘It’s a Beautiful Day’

A semi-abstract Impressionistic depiction of a meadow full of flowers by Michelle Carolan. The artwork was inspired by the smells and bright colours of summer. You can clearly imagine yourself walking through the meadow and breathing it all in. Michelle begins by building up layers of colour washes and then adds texture with bold brushstrokes and a palette knife. £550

meadow painting by jan rippingham

‘Spring Meadow III’

A semi-abstract painting of vibrant pink flowers. The flowers gradually fade into the background of the painting and burst out again in shades of pink. A one-off, original painting on a large square canvas. Painted in acrylics. £185

bees and daisies by lucy moore

‘Bumble Bee & Daisies’

A cute 25 x 25 cm piece featuring a field of daisies with 3 bumble bees buzzing around. Painted in acrylic on canvas board, this painting is a cheery reminder of the vital work that bees do and the fact that we need to look after them! £60

kalpana soanes floral painting

‘Blooming Spring II (Floral)’

A rich, textured abstract floral painting in pinks by artist Kalpana Soanes. Painted in acrylic on box canvas. The flowers seem to burst forwards from the centre of the painting, creating a perfect focal point for a room. £325

red tulips painting

‘Light of Passion’

Striking painting of 5 beautiful red tulips by Cinzia Mancini. The textured effect has been created using impasto techniques with acrylic paints, inks and mixed media and a palette knife.The vibrant red stands out against the background, giving the bulbs all the attention that they deserve! £70

floral print by clare hooper

‘Triptych II Luna’

Clare Hooper’s giclee boxed canvas is a large, statement artwork in bright colours. This attention-grabbing print is in a semi-abstract style and will brighten up any wall. £228

red poppies giclee print

‘Red Poppies’

Lisa Butcher has created this print from an original drawing of flowers in a digital composition. The inspiration came from a visit to Cornwall. The poppies themselves are white and set against a deep red background. This is a limited edition of 50 prints. £90

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