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William Morris Gallery

william morris gallery

A trip to Walthamstow led to a visit to the William Morris Gallery. I have inherited my liking of his prints from my parents (and I have photos of the sofa to prove it..)

A great insight into the ethos behind the original Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co and their desire to move Victorian interior design away from flouncy floral patterns towards a more bold, graphic look. Fascinating to see the original printing blocks, too. The gallery also features a room dedicated to Morris’ social activism which he took on in later life.


The gallery also feature contemporary exhibitions. Currently they are showing ‘Weaving New Worlds’, featuring the powerful and challenging tapestry work of 16 female artists.

Woven tapestry by Jennie Moncur

This work ‘Ripples and Ribes’ by Jennie Moncur in made in wool and linen and shows ‘captured windows’ or interrupted images and incorporates plant references which are often found in her work.

tapestry by Joanne Soroka

‘Cromarty’ by Joanne Soroka is based on the worn hull of a boat in Cromarty in North Scotland where her great-great grandfather was a weaver.



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