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A Passion for Life – Renate Altmann

Renate Altmann was born in Berlin in 1932. She came to England as a young child, fleeing Nazi Germany months before the outbreak of the Second World War. She lost many of her relatives and their loss can be felt in the yearning for security and familial unity expressed in her work.

Renate has always loved art, working as a fashion designer, jewellery maker, ceramicist and painter. Her passion however has always been sculpture. At the H.G.S. Institute in London she was awarded Student of the Year.

She works in bronze, terracotta, wood and stone. Her bronzes reflect the experiences of her past and her optimism for the future. She has exhibited in galleries spanning 3 continents over 30 years. She lives in London with her family, and despite the losses she has faced, she looks forward to the future and continuing to pursue her passions in life.

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