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‘A Summer’s Day’ by Tiffany Scull

    ‘A Summer’s day’ A large sgraffito vessel by Tiffany Scull

Sometimes I have an idea of exactly how the design is going to work on a piece and sometimes it’s just a feeling. I knew I wanted to try somethings a little different with this one and decided to decorate it using two different types of butterflies and three different flowers. I’ve never done this before and I wasn’t sure if the colours would clash or would look a little messy together.

Tiffany working on ‘A Summer’s Day’

I was a bit surprised to find this piece took me over 90 hours to finish all the sgraffito and slip decoration and it was a struggle to keep the clay damp enough to work on. The final unveiling from the cling film revealed the finished design and I’m really pleased with how this has worked. I will now leave it to dry slowly under plastic for a month before I fire. I have titled the piece ‘A summer’s day’ and I hope it invokes that gentle glorious feeling of flowers and butterflies blowing in the wind on a late summer’s afternoon.

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