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18 Magnificent Abstract Oil Paintings For Sale – Let Your Imagination Roam Free!

angela dierks painting abstract

We have 100s of original abstract oil paintings for sale by our amazing artists.

We know what a popular category this is. Our talented artists love to paint them and our customers love to buy them!

Simply go to ‘Browse’, ‘Original Paintings’ and ‘Abstract’, type it into the search bar above or click on the artists’ names to see their work.

Sometimes you can’t beat a beautiful piece of abstract art. A departure from reality, allowing the viewer to impose their own thoughts and feelings onto an artwork.

The departure from representation can be entire or partial. Semi-abstract representations of flowers, landscapes, or even people are also hugely popular. Artists often feel that an abstract representation allows them to add more emotion to a painting. They are no longer confined by the subject matter itself, letting the imagination roam free.

We want your imagination to roam free too!

Here are a few of our favourite artists who love to paint abstract or semi abstract paintings in oils:

Angela Dierks

Many of Angela’s abstract paintings are inspired by landscapes. Whether they are in the UK, Mediterranea  or even the Arctic. Using these as a starting point, Angela uses the paint to express the beauty that she sees in these scenes. She applies oil paint in different ways, sometimes rubbing, flicking or smudging it onto the canvas. She sometimes removes paint by scratching it away and re-applying it. This process mirrors nature’s erosion of natural landscapes.

Alison Johnson

Many of Alison’s paintings are of abstract landscapes. She likes to use her paintings as a way of creating atmosphere rather than as a fully realistic representation of a scene. She layers oil paints and varnish to create an often ethereal effect, experimenting with different transparencies and textures.

Alison is influenced by the artwork of Turner and her work can be seen as Impressionistic.

Kalpana Soanes

Kalpana has painted from a young age and uses her skills to produce beautiful work which is often in an abstract or semi abstract style. Her semi abstract work includes textured seascapes, floral artwork and landscapes. Her work is often described as atmospheric and makes a great focal point for a home.

Davide De Palma

Davide is inspired by nature, by sunsets, by rain and reflections. He describes his style of work as being closest to Abstract Expressionism. Davide paints in high quality oil paints using brushes, palette knife and sometimes his fingers to create his desired textures. His striking abstract paintings create a wonderful focal point for any room.

Gill Luff

Gill’s ethereal and atmospheric oil paintings are often dramatic and inspired by nature. She takes inspiration from the sea, clouds, mountains and even outer space.

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent has experimented with various subject matters but loves abstract painting for its unlimited creative power. His work is now largely abstract or landscape in a semi abstract form. Having  started his career using watercolour paints, Pol realised that oil paints afforded him more freedom and better complimented his style of painting.

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