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Philip Hearsey Sculptures

Philip Hearsey with sculpture

Philip’s sculptures are domestic in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office or hotel. Occasionally he makes pieces intended for outdoor use.

 Philip’s work is instinctive. He visualizes what he is going to make, sometimes making a quick sketch but mostly the pieces emerge from an idea sparked by something he has seen.  

 Philip specializes in using sand-cast bronze to make his sculptures, engaging the natural qualities of bronze as a material in its own right.  

  Reusable oil based or green sand can produce very fine texture and is used for smaller pieces whereas more solid resin or air set sand is used for larger pieces when green sand becomes too heavy or will fall apart under the strain of depth or size. The bronze is solid and pieces can be very weighty.

 Philip’s work is influenced by the experience of being in a landscape. Whilst the landscape around him seems very quiet and slow-changing the wind and clouds are never still.

 Philip has exhibited widely in solo exhibitions, mixed and open exhibitions, solo showcasing and art fairs.  

 Philip undertakes commissions on request, please just contact him via Rippingham Art


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