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The Power of Nature by Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson painting

Originally from Sheffield, Alison gained a BA Hons degree from Sheffield University, she is also a qualified nurse. Her works explore the power of nature and the fragility of life, and are decorative and surreal, feminine and sometimes sculptural, with layers of paint built up on the canvas.

Alison is greatly influenced by Turner, and she has often been described as the modern day Turner.

Landscapes dominate Alison’s work, and she uses palette knives, trowels and scrapers to create texture. She works mainly in acrylics and oil experimenting with colour transparencies and textures. Balance, light and movement are important in her work, making her paintings  very atmospheric.

Alison says that she considers a painting to be finished when there is nothing else she can add or take away. Her paintings give the viewer  the possibility of seeing everyday things through a new perspective.

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