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The Sensual Female Form by Carmen Tyrrell

Carmen Tyrrell with artwork

I am an artist living and working in NW England, near Manchester. I was born and educated in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

I began my training and hard work in the academic way. I drew from casts, still lives, from models, figure painting and analysing the works of famous artists. I took a 3 years course in a School of Art and 4 years in The Academy of Art.

My body of work focus on honouring the feminine form and creating romantic scenes of couples in love.


Sensual and dramatic female postures are inspired by everyday life, certain images or my imagination.

Powerful feelings, as love and passion, are expressed through my energetic and spontaneous style of work.

Using different media and techniques, the style can be more or less simplified, depends how I feel about the subject.

Whatever media is used there is texture and movement.

 Very often I alternate the media and the subjects and create a series at the time. This way I keeps the spontaneity and freshness.

The paintings are usually bold, colourful and textured using mainly the palette knife.

Working with charcoal and pastels I feel free to play with lines, shapes and tonalities creating powerful and expressive drawings.


Over the years my art sells very well online building a good reputation and a high standard of professionalism.

     More and more art lovers enjoy to view and buy art online from the comfort of their home.

 My works are collectible, highly regarded and can be found worldwide in private collections.  Usually, my art collectors have a good number of my works in their private collections.


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