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Panoramic Paintings For Sale

room for a panoramic painting

It’s that space above your sofa..the perfect spot for a panoramic painting. We’ve noticed a bit of a trend for this style recently. A useful piece of art! If you’re looking to buy a new painting then you’re in the right place. We have different sizes available and paintings and prints for every budget.

Here are a few of our favourites which are available to buy on the site:

home shores panoramic painting

‘Home Shore’ by Kalpana Soanes. Abstract seascape in panoramic style 100 x 40 cm £525

restoration panoramic painting by melanie graham

‘Restoration’ by Melanie Graham 120 x 50 cm. Acrylic on canvas £495

paresh nrshinga panoramic painting

‘Chamber of Thoughts’ by Paresh Nrshinga. Original abstract painting on canvas 183 x 91 cm £1595

lucy moore panoramic painting

‘Twilight Meadows’ by Lucy Moore. Vibrant abstract meadow painting 91 x 35 cm £200

tom kennedy panoramic leaf painting

‘Kaleidoscope’ by Tom Kennedy. A panoramic box canvas painting to brighten up any room 100 x30 cm. £395

If you are thinking of buying a panoramic painting it is worth considering the shape and size of the furniture in your room to make sure it will work. Sometimes a square piece is more appropriate, but sometimes panoramic art is the perfect fit! It can draw the eye across the room whilst also making a great focal point. We hope you enjoy browsing these pieces of artwork and find something that’s just right.

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