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Search Tips

search tips

Try our new improved search function. You can now use our Keyword Search box to filter by;

  • Artwork Title
  • Artist Name
  • Style for example, ‘Abstract’, ‘Surreal’ or ‘Fine Art’ for Original Paintings. ‘Raku’ for Ceramics.

  • Medium for example, ‘Oil’ or ‘Watercolour’ for Original Paintings, and ‘Bronze’ or ‘Stoneware’ for Sculpture.

  • Surface for example ‘Box Canvas’ or ‘Watercolour Paper’.

  • Subject Matter for example ‘Still Life’, ‘Boats’, ‘Gardens’ or a place name.

  • Colour.

For best search results we recommend keeping the search term as short as possible. For example, searching for ‘surreal’ to bring up results for ‘surreal’, ‘surrealist’, ‘surrealism’ etc.

If you are looking for larger works of art / statement pieces, just click here.

Browse by Price

You can also search by Price within each category. Simply move the slider to refine the search by your chosen price range. Greater accuracy can be achieved by using the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard.

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