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No tools exist for knowledge maintenance other than those proposed by the GLIF3 organization fildena 100 mg without a prescription. GLARE provides expert physicians with an “intelligent” guideline acquisition interface purchase fildena 50 mg fast delivery. The interface has different types of checks to provide a consistent guideline: syntactic and semantic tests verify whether or not a guideline is well-formed. GLARE technology has been successfully tested in different clinical domains (bladder cancer, reflux esophagitis, and heart failure), at the Laboratorio di Informatica Clinica, Azienda Ospedaliera S. Currently, this application is not available for use by people outside of the research team. It is a stand-alone tool, that is, it has no integration with the existing CIS; it is only for HIV patients; and has no tools for knowledge based maintenance. PRODIGY I and PRODIGY II were implemented as extensions to proprietary UK electronic patient record systems. The PRODIGY system includes a proprietary guideline model, which in PRODIGY II was used to implement guidelines for the management of acute diseases. PREDICT integrates with existing clinical information systems using standard internet communication protocols, and allows Copyright © 2005, Idea Group Inc. Copying or distributing in print or electronic forms without written permission of Idea Group Inc. ChapterXVII Social Capital, AnImportant Ingredient toEffective KnowledgeSharing: Meditute, A Case Study Abstract Although these social capital dimensions are important in their own right, they are not mutually exclusive. Tsai and Ghoshal (1998), investigated the associations between the dimensions, they found: • Social interactions (structural) generate and strengthen trusting relationships (relational). Strong ties allow individuals to develop knowledge of each other and share points of view. Therefore an individual connected by strong ties is perceived as more trustworthy.

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Specific prescriptions are given concerning the orientation of homes and room arrangement within them generic fildena 150 mg fast delivery. Principal among these is the prescription for the front door of a home to face east buy discount fildena 100mg on line, with an unobstructed view of the rising sun. The physiological basis for such prescriptions may be rooted in the understanding that direction sensitive neurons have been identified in the thalamus. These procedures include an initial decrease in fat consumption followed by internal oleation, 37 often with a laxative effect, as well as external oleation. Preliminary research points to a decrease in circulating polyaromatic hydrocarbons, primarily stored in fat, as a result of 43 regular panchakarma therapy. VEDIC MEDICINE AND SPECIFIC NEUROLOGIC DISORDERS As discussed above, there is a positive effect of the TM technique, and Vedic herbal preparations including MAK, on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, as noted by studies of the effect of these modalities on hypertension, angina, hypercholesterolemia Ayurvedic medicine 185 and carotid intima-media thickness, and in laboratory models of atherosclerosis and free radical scavenging. These data underscore the usefulness of these modalities as part of a cost-effective strategy for stroke prevention. Studies have already shown the efficacy of 44–46 the TM technique in reducing overall health-care costs. With respect to the management of neurooncological diseases, the data mentioned above concerning the antineoplastic effects of MAK should provide the basis for further research regarding the effects of this and related herbal preparations in models of CNS tumors. In addition, further evaluation of the effects of MAK on the amelioration of chemotherapy side-effects is warranted. From a Vedic perspective, degenerative diseases of the nervous system are related to Vata derangement, and measures that reduce the excessive influence of Vata in the nervous system may be helpful. These are in general measures that affect the expression of the first Vata sub-dosha, prana vata, or another sub-dosha of Vata which then secondarily affects prana vata. Critical aspects of the interventions described in these case reports included practice of the TM technique, panchakarma techniques, herbal rasayanas and the use of Vedic sounds. A pilot study has also provided evidence of a reduction in carotid atherosclerosis associated with the 48 multimodality approach of MVM along with standard care. Controlled studies comparing this approach to standard allo-pathic care alone should be forthcoming. Beyond the treatment of neurological illness, MVM and the TM technique in particular show great promise for promoting an ideal state of neurological health.

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